Emmerdale fans predict SHOCK twist in Amelia pregnancy mystery

Emmerdale Amelia
Amelia has a dramatic time ahead (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale’s Amelia got the mother of all surprises this week, when she discovered she was pregnant.

Amelia had been suffering from dizziness and blurred vision, and matters came to a head after she collapsed and dropped baby Thomas while she was looking after him.

Amelia thought her condition was due to taking the weight gain syrup she had been buying from the internet, so it came totally out of the blue when the hospital told her she was pregnant.


There was panic after Amelia dropped Thomas – but the drama was only beginning (Image credit: ITV)

Friday night’s episode saw Amelia still reeling from the shock news, which she kept a secret from dad Dan and former stepmum Kerry, as well as friend Noah when she later visited him in prison.

Meanwhile, fans were buzzing with excitement over who the dad was. 

As far as viewers know, Amelia hasn’t had a romantic relationship with anyone in the past few months. So where – or rather who – did the baby come from?

Top contenders appeared to be teens Samson, who Amelia has spent time with, and Noah, who she is definitely smitten with and who used her to make Chloe jealous.


Amelia is a prisoner of love when it comes to Noah (Image credit: ITV)

But soap viewers are a canny bunch, and they reckon the dad this isn’t going to be one of the likely contenders. 

In fact, they predict a big shock twist, thinking that perhaps a more mature man is set to be the babydaddy. 

“I reckon they are doing another Cain and Amy storyline, and the father of Amelia’s baby will be some middle-aged man,” predicted one.

Meanwhile, another reckoned: “If it’s just one of the other kids, that’s boring.”

One even went as far as to name the dad – having read spoilers that Charity and Mack had a big story coming up, they reckoned Mack might be revealed as the dad!

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However, there are some even more outlandish theories out there. Many think that Amelia might not really be pregnant and it’s a mix up due to the syrup she was taking or some kind of illness. 

And another even joked that Christian Amelia might be the new Virgin Mary and carrying the son of the Lord after she visited the church and asked God, ”Why did you have to make me pregnant?”

Emmerdale Amelia

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Emmerdale Tweet

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Well, an immaculate conception would definitely be a soap first, we suppose!

Emmerdale screens Monday to Friday at 7.30pm including an hour-long special on Thursdays.

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