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Emmerdale fans predict THIS village favourite will end up in JAIL and PREGNANT

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It seems Kerry Wyatt's life is about to change beyond recognition...

Emmerdale fans are convinced that Kerry Wyatt's life is about to be turned upside down and that she will fall pregnant after sleeping with Cain Dingle... while others think she is on a one way ticket to prison after starting the factory fire that killed Frank Clayton.

Kerry's certainly been a busy lady recently. Not only is she still carrying the weight of what she did to Frank, she also slept with Cain after flirting in the Woolpack.

Moira walks in on Cain and Kerry in Emmerdale

Kerry got caught up in Cain's revenge plan against cheating Moira recently (Picture: ITV)

But while Kerry might have been used by Cain to get back at cheating wife Moira, fans are convinced that recent events are going to see her either pregnant or thrown into jail...

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Kerry has recently hit rock bottom following everything that has happened, with even Amy lashing out at her for sleeping with Cain.

Not only has she been caught up in Cain's revenge plan against Moira, but she is also harbouring the dark secret that she is responsible for the fire that killed Vanessa Woodfield and Tracy Metcalfe's dad.

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The only reason she hasn't gone to prison for her crimes so far is because Tracy is terrified that if she goes to the police, Kerry will reveal the real reason she ended up in intensive care last month.

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But with her life crumbling around her, it seems Kerry is losing her fight and last week told Tracy that she will pay for Frank's death and promises to keep Tracy's part in her hospital dash out of the equation.

So could Emmerdale fans be right and Kerry is set to end up pregnant and in jail? With the way things are going for Kerry at the moment, there are definitely signs pointing that way!

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