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Emmerdale fans think THIS unlikely star may be able to stop evil DI Malone


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Eagle-eyed Emmerdale fans are convinced that a rather unusual star of the soap is set to stop evil DI Malone in his tracks.

Nasty police officer Mark Malone has been blackmailing Will Taylor into helping him carry out illegal plots and sending terrifying threats to his family.

Now, fans of the Yorkshire based soap reckon that it could be Dawn Taylor's young son Lucas' stuffed teddy bear who saves the day.

Emmerdale Lucas bear ITV

Emmerdale fans think that Lucas's bear is going to save the day (Picture: ITV)

The cute cuddly toy is able to play a recorded message, which currently says, "I love you Lucas".

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Loyal Emmerdale fans have become convinced that the teddy will have a big significance within the gripping storyline.

Taking to an online Digital Spy forum to discuss the episode, one viewer penned, "I'm half expecting it to have a camera or microphone in it, it'll be used to expose the dodgy copper."

A second agreed, "Either that or the dodgy copper will record something to it or have it decapitated, he has threatened Will and his family."

Mark Womack joins Emmerdale ITV

DI Malone is up to no good... (Picture: ITV)

"It's a guarantee it's going to be crucial at some point for it to be so prominent," chipped in a third.

"Camera in the teddy maybe? So can keep an eye out#Emmerdale," wrote a fourth on Twitter.

Sadly for Emmerdale lovers, it may take longer than expected for the story to come to a head.

Emmerdale Lucas bear ITV

Could a teddy bear be the downfall of dodgy police officer Malone? (Picture: ITV)

In light of the coronavirus outbreak, Emmerdale and other soaps like Coronation Street, EastEnders and Casualty have been halted in production.

With filming stalled amid the huge pandemic, viewers are currently being treated to just three episodes of the drama a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, compared to its usual six instalments a week.

Lots of fans were gutted by the news, with one taking to social media to write, "Just found out Emmerdale is dropping to 3 episodes a week!! As if things weren't bad enough..."

Emmerdale’s scheduling pattern has changed due to the coronavirus pandemic, and now airs three episodes a week on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays at 7pm on ITV.