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Emmerdale fans convinced they’ve worked out who Ethan’s mum really is after spotting THIS twist

Emmerdale spoilers, Ethan Anderson

Emmerdale viewers have been doing some detective work...

Emmerdale fans have predicted that Ethan Anderson's biological mum is someone in the village we already know.

This week's Emmerdale has seen Ethan left heartbroken as he got in touch with his mum and arranged to meet her.

Although Ethan didn't tell his dad Charles about the meeting, he did confide in Manpreet, who was once like a mum to him.

Manpreet and Ethan Emmerdale

Fans have got a surprise theory about Manpreet and Ethan (Picture: ITV)

Fans of the soap will know that it recently emerged that Charles and Manpreet were once in a relationship, only for her to leave him standing at the altar on their wedding day.

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When Charles arrived in the village and came face-to-face with Manpreet, he was shocked to see she was alive and well, having assumed she was dead.

However, the truth was then revealed that Manpreet was actually unhappily married to someone else, and that her two year relationship with Charles was actually an affair.

Manpreet and Ethan Emmerdale

Ethan has been trying to get in touch with his biological mum (Picture: ITV)

Despite the fact Manpreet walked out on him when he was just four years old, Ethan has warmed towards her again and even asked her to come with him to meet his mum.

However, he was left heartbroken when she was a no show... leaving Manpreet to be the one to offer a shoulder to cry on.

The truth revealed

In last night's Emmerdale it was revealed that the number Ethan had been texting wasn't his mum's at all, but it was actually Meena playing games.

Manpreet feels uncomfortable in Emmerdale

Could Manpreet turn out to be Ethan's mum like fans predict? (Picture: ITV)

She had given him a number and pretended it was from his mum's medical records, when if fact it was actually the number for a burner phone she had bought.

Meena's plan to bring Ethan and Manpreet has worked... but fans are convinced that her meddling will expose the fact Manpreet is actually Ethan's biological mum.

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Despite the fact the maths doesn't quite work out to make Manpreet Ethan's mum, stranger things have happened in soapland.

Could Emmerdale fans be onto something?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays - see our TV Guide for full listings.