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Emmerdale favourite returns to the village next week to SHOCK news

(Image credit: ITV)

There's shocking news heading to Cain Dingle...

Next week's Emmerdale sees Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) return to the village, but it's not long before he is drawn into a huge family feud.

Cain's trip soon feels like a dim and distant memory after he gets home to the news that Belle Dingle has reignited her romance with Jamie Tate - and he's not happy about it.

Cain Dingle is back in Emmerdale week 36

Cain's back - and he's not happy about Belle's news (Picture: ITV) (Image credit: ITV)

It's no secret that the Dingles and the Tates don't get on, but when Cain discovers Belle and Jamie have become an item again while he was away, he demands answers from his half sister.

As Belle struggles to hide her guilt over Jamie, knowing that she can't reveal the truth about Moira's hit and run, and Cain isn't happy with her at all.

But it's not just Cain who has got a problem with Belle dating Jamie.

Nate lashes out in Emmerdale

Nate is fuming that Jamie has been blackmailing him (Picture: ITV)

Nate's on the warpath 

Cain's son, Nate, is also harbouring Jamie's hit and run secret, and he's not happy about it.

Having been blackmailed into keeping quiet, the whole thing still doesnt sit well with Nate and he lashes out by smashing Jamie's car wing mirror.

But when Belle continues to defend Jamie in front of her family, she finds herself more estranged from the Dingles than ever before.

Cain hears her defending her boyfriend, and he's far from happy, but things get even worse when later Sam finds himself drawn into the drama.

Belle Dingle and Jamie in Emmerdale

Belle soon finds herself estranged from the Dingle family (Picture: ITV) (Image credit: ITV)

Sam's in the firing line 

When Jamie overhears Sam bad-mouthing him he fires Sam from his job at Home Farm, knowing that losing his income will hit Sam hard.

But when Belle defends Jamie's actions once again, it seems she has cut her ties with the family once and for all... and everyone knows that once you find ourself outside the Dingle fold, it is very hard to get back in.

As Belle goes to collect her things so that she can go and move in with Jamie, her family are left reeling.

Is this the end of Belle's relationship with her family?

And does she really have what it takes to be a Tate?

Emmerdale will temporarily air a reduced schedule of three episodes a week.

Watch on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7pm on ITV - see our TV Guide for full TV listings.