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Emmerdale: Is David set to MARRY his son’s abuser, Maya?

Emmerdale David and Maya

A proposal is in the offing…

Emmerdale bosses have sparked speculation that show favourite David Metcalfe could tie the knot with partner Maya Stepney – the twisted teacher who is secretly abusing his teenage stepson, Jacob.

TVTimes reports that history teacher Maya, played by Louisa Clein, will soon be rocked by a proposal. But it hasn’t been confirmed whether it will be David who is planning to pop the question or his sixteen year old son, who has been groomed by Maya and believes they’re in love.

Emmerdale Maya and Jacob’s domestic bliss is interrupted as David arrives home early in Emmerdale

Maya has been manipulating teenager Jacob for months

Asked about the potentially explosive plotline, actress Louisa Clein, who plays Maya, teases: “If it (the proposal) is coming from David, there’s a question of how far Maya is willing to go to cover up the relationship with Jacob, or whether she is committed to Jacob and her promise that they will come out publicly - because she does want a future with him.

“They’ve decided that they’ll wait until he has finished school, and then come clean to everyone.”

Maya, who arrived in Emmerdale last year as the wife of village GP Liam Cavanagh, has been manipulating Jacob for months, and began a sexual relationship with the lad when he turned 16.

Liv Flaherty Jacob Gallagher

Liv has discovered Jacob's secret

David is oblivious, but in scenes screened on Thursday, the pair’s secret was discovered by Liv Flaherty, who demanded Maya pay her five thousand pounds in exchange for her silence.

Adds Louisa: “Maya always knew that if she and Jacob were caught, this is what might happen. Now that it has become a reality, Maya’s psychological state is one of pure self-preservation.

“The blackmailer has a lot to fight for, and needs the money for a specific reason. Maya has met a force to be reckoned with.

“Viewers will see that time is running out. This story has been a slow burner, but now the wheels are starting to come off, and once they’re off, things move very quickly.”

Emmerdale continues on ITV.