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Emmerdale legend Marlon ‘SHOCKED and EMBITTERED’ after prison release, says Mark Charnock

Marlon is terrified in Emmerdale

Marlon is about to be freed, but his problems are just starting...

Emmerdale star Mark Charnock says Marlon Dingle is left "shocked and embittered" when he’s finally released from prison.

The gentle chef has been through hell and back after being wrongly arrested for Graham Foster’s murder.

Emmerdale fans will be delighted to see Marlon soon out of prison, however, the poor dad is in bits over what happened.

Mark says, “Marlon’s not coping very well at all. He’s thrilled to be out, but it’s been such a jolt to his system. He’s shocked and embittered.”

Marlon feels guilty in Emmerdale

Marlon is horrified in Emmerdale when he discovers April has been bullied

And things get even worse for Marlon when he discovers his little girl April is being bullied over Graham’s murder.

Marlon sees the effect his jailing has had on April, who has been taunted over the fact that her dad is a “murderer”.

If there’s one person Marlon wants to protect, it’s April.

“It’s his worst nightmare that she’s suffering because of him,” reveals Mark. “Then more secrets come out and things get even worse.”

Marlon's revenge in Emmerdale is about to start...

Marlon quickly finds out that Charity (Emma Atkins) and her son Ryan (James Moore) nicked money from Graham on the night he died.

A furious Marlon slams Charity for failing to come forward to provide vital information to the police which could have seen him out of jail weeks earlier.

More shocks come out as he also learns that Kim had paid Al (Michael Wildman) to bump off Graham.

“The money implicated Kim and meant somebody else had a major motive. But Charity and Ryan kept it a secret, so they could keep the money and deflect suspicion. He is absolutely incandescent with them.”

And it seems Marlon could be about to crack and start a bitter campaign of revenge on all those that have wronged him.

“The stress levels build and build, with Mandy, Charity, Ryan, Al, Ellis, Billy… He has a go at Chas even though she hasn’t done anything. Slowly but surely he closes his family out of his life.”

Emmerdale continues on ITV.