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Dawn left ‘All ALONE’ with Emmerdale rapist Lee due to crazy Robert plan, reveals Olivia Bromley

Dawn in Emmerdale with Lee at a pub

Robert tries to trap Lee, but only succeeds in putting Dawn in danger

Emmerdale star Olivia Bromley has revealed how Dawn Taylor faces being attacked by evil Lee after Robert’s plan to expose his sister Victoria’s rapist backfires.

The popular actress, who plays the ex-prostitute, says that Dawn will end up “all alone” with dangerous Lee after taking centre stage in Robert’s plan for revenge.

Robert with Dawn in Emmerdale

Robert pays Dawn to trap Lee, but his dangerous plan soon backfires

It all begins next week in Emmerdale when Robert overhears Dawn’s money worries and offers her £500 to help him ensnare Lee.

He hopes that if Dawn flirts with Lee at a pub and then Lee is captured on the pub’s cameras behaving badly towards Dawn, it will highlight to the police what a nasty piece of work Lee is.

“Initially, Dawn thinks it’s ridiculous,” says Olivia. “She’s angry that Robert would even suggest it.”

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Robert, who in his desperation to “help Victoria” shows scant regard for Dawn’s safety, then offers her more cash to sweeten the deal.

“It’s 100 per cent about the money for her, but Robert also lays it on thick about how she would be helping Victoria.

“Dawn has been in abusive situations in the past, and he knows that she would want someone like Lee behind bars.”

Emmerdale summer 2019

Dawn is set to be a big part of a massive summer on Emmerdale

The first part of the plan works – Dawn manages to start flirting with Lee down the pub after “accidentally” bumping into him.

“She flirts with him, and he’s very charming. She just wants Robert to come, and for her part to be done, so that she can leave,” says Olivia.

But when Lee suggests they go somewhere quieter, Dawn feels she has to go along.

However, when she suddenly finds herself in a remote spot with the rapist she realises what a dangerous situation she’s in. As Olivia puts it, Dawn is “in deep” and “all alone”.

Meanwhile, Robert has told Aaron about his scheme and Aaron tells his husband that they must find Dawn before she’s attacked by Lee…

Emmerdale continues on ITV.

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