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Emmerdale teases wedding day hell for doomed Mandy and Paul

Mandy is distraught in Emmerdale

Emmerdale favourite Mandy is ready to say 'I do', but will she get her happy ending?

Emmerdale is set to hear wedding bells as Mandy Dingle sets her sights on marrying Paul Ashdale, but Lydia Dingle is convinced the bride-to-be is setting herself up for heartache.

Viewers already know that Paul isn't telling Mandy (Lisa Riley) the whole truth about his shady dealings.

Mandy proposes to Paul in Emmerdale

Mandy proposed to Paul while still oblivious to his lies (Picture: ITV)

He recently came clean about his continued addiction to gambling, and while Mandy was shocked by the news, she was happy that all the skeletons were finally out of the closet.

But little does Mandy know, Paul is still keeping things from her - the main secret being that he has been hitting their son, Vinny.

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Poor Vinny had been caught in the middle of his dad's addition and often finds himself being a punchbag when things go wrong for Paul.

Vinny in Emmerdale

Poor Vinny has been the one to bear the brunt of Paul's anger (Picture: ITV)

Wedding bells in the village 

However, next week Mandy decides that she can't live without Paul and suggests they bring the wedding forward.

But will she tie the knot with Paul without knowing his secrets?

Next week Mandy is thrilled when Paul organises a family bike ride for her birthday.

However, things turn sour when Al Chapman has a go at her for splashing his suit with her muddy bike.

Emmerdale spoilers, Mandy Dingle, Vinny Dingle

Mandy remains unaware of her fiancé Paul's attacks on their son, Vinny (Picture: ITV) (Image credit: ITV)

Paul steps in to defend Mandy, and she is soon swooning at his heroics and realises that she can't live without him.

Oh, Mandy. If only you knew the half of it!

Paul looks like the cat that got the cream when Mandy suggests they tie the knot ASAP and the pair are on could nine as they plan their wedding.

Emmerdale spoilers, Mandy Dingle, Paul Ashdale

Mandy tells Paul they should bring their wedding forward (Picture: ITV) (Image credit: ITV)

But when Mandy asks Lydia to be her bridesmaid, it's clear that not everyone shares their enthusiasm.

Lydia points out Paul can't be trusted and that none of the problems the couple had before have actually gone away.

Lydia is uneasy in Emmerdale

Lydia is right not to trust Paul, but can she make Mandy see the truth? (Picture: ITV)

Will Lydia's honesty make Mandy see she's making a huge mistake marrying Paul?

Or will her disapproval just push Mandy further into Paul's arms?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays - see our TV Guide for full listings.