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Family TORN APART in EastEnders as THIS dark secret comes to light

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Sheree Trueman's biggest secret is about to be revealed...

Next week's EastEnders sees Isaac Baptiste finally discover that his stepdad Patrick Trueman is actually his biological father... but how will he cope with the huge bombshell?

The fact that Patrick might actually be blood related to him has started to dawn on Isaac in recent episodes of EastEnders, with the Walford legend dropping hints left, right and centre.

Sheree Trueman introduces Isaac in EastEnders

Isaac has never been a fan of Patrick (Picture: BBC)

Recently the pair shared a drink together, which in itself was a huge deal seeing as Isaac has never been Patrick's biggest fan.

But it didn't end well when Patrick almost revealed the secret that he was Isaac's father.

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After losing his dad when he was young, Isaac has never warmed to any of the other men his mum, Sheree, has brought into his life, and that includes her latest husband, Patrick.

Sheree confided in Patrick earlier in the year that he was actually Isaac's dad following a fling the pair had back in Trinidad many moons ago.

However, while Patrick has tried to get his head around the fact he has another son, Sheree made him promise not to tell Isaac the truth.

Patrick Trueman confronts Sheree Trueman in EastEnders

Patrick discovered earlier this year that he was Isaac's father (Picture: BBC)

But next week's EastEnders will see the primary school teacher discover the truth... and if his past behaviour is anything to go by, he isn't going to take the news well.

In all of this, Denise Fox is quickly becoming the voice of reason for the family.

After spending years living with Patrick, Denise is like a daughter to him, and she soon offers Patrick a shoulder to cry on when the truth exposed next week.

Patrick is fed up of Isaac in EastEnders.

Can Isaac accept Patrick as his dad when he discovers the truth next week? (Picture: BBC)

Patrick might not have had the best relationship with his sons Paul and Anthony, but could this be another chance to prove he can be a good dad?

With Isaac refusing to listen to anything his mum or Patrick has to say, it falls to Denise to have a word with him next week, and she soon ends up delivering some home truths.

Will she manage to make Isaac see that she is lucky to have someone like Patrick as his dad?

EastEnders will temporarily air a reduced schedule of two episodes a week. Watch on Mondays at 8pm and Tuesdays at 7:30pm on BBC One.