Former 'Love Island' star Jack Fincham reveals key secrets about the show

Love Island star Jack Fincham.
Love Island star Jack Fincham. (Image credit: Getty Images)

Love Island 2021 is finally here, and former star Jack Fincham has spoken about his time on the reality series. 

In an interview with The Independent, Jack was quizzed by fans who wanted him to spill the beans on the reality of life inside the villa. 

He revealed he was still a massive fan of the series, and that he was excited for the 2021 series to begin, much like many others across the country. During his time on the series, Jack was paired up with Dani Dyer and the duo went on to win the 2018 edition of the competition.

Speaking about his approach to the series, he stressed that he tried to "be himself" at all times adding: "I tried to be myself the whole time, I thought 'I'm going to be nothing but me' and luckily people liked me."

He also revealed that you can't "edit yourself" when you're on the series, saying: "You can't edit yourself, it's impossible", before adding that when the cameras are on they capture who you really are and you can't change that, unlike a social media presence where you're in full control of what you upload. So everything fans saw was how Jack really is as a person.

Jack was also quizzed on sponsorships and if he was ever told what to wear during his time in the villa. He revealed: "Sometimes they would bring clothes for you to wear but they weren't strict on it, if I didn't like it I wasn't going to wear it. If it was a themed party and they brought clothes then yeah you'd get involved, it's fun, but it wasn't really that strict".

He added: "I used to put stuff on because it was there and I liked it."

Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer

Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer won the 2018 series of Love Island. (Image credit: Getty Images)

Another popular question from fans was around alcohol consumption in the villa, and he revealed contestants were allowed two drinks a day during their time on the show. He joked that the limit was "a bit of a detox".

Jack's interview has given some insights ahead of the new series, giving fans a look at what it's really like to spend time on the competition. The full 20 minute interview with the former contestant can be watched via The Independent's website.

Love Island starts on ITV2 at Monday 28th June at 9pm.

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