Framed: the new game that's Wordle but for movie fans

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Framed is the latest Wordle-inspired game that's dedicated to movie buffs, following in the footsteps of spin-offs such as Heardle (guess the song) and Worldle (guess the country), and it's definitely addictive!

If you consider yourself to be a movie connoisseur, Framed puts your knowledge to the test by giving you six attempts to guess the film, and each time you get it wrong you'll be presented with a new still from the movie to see if that jogs your memory.

Much like Wordle, the aim is to guess it as quickly as possible and show off your impressive score, so fans are trying their best to get it in one. The good news is there's no time limit, so you can take as long as you like deliberating.

Just like Wordle, each day a new movie is picked and they're chosen from a list set by the creator. There are all sorts of genres popping up so it's something different each time, keeping movie buffs challenged as it tests their ability to identify iconic films based on one image. Some are more obscure than others too!


Today's Framed. Come on we all know this film... right?! (Image credit: Framed)

The game resets at midnight so there's a brand new film to guess every day, so once you're done with your Wordle puzzle why not head over to Framed to try out your film knowledge? It's free to play, all you have to do is head to the Framed website on your laptop, phone, or whatever device you prefer playing on.

And if you're struggling to find the answer we have some tips on how to guess the daily Framed answer.

Although the game is free, fans can make a one-off donation via Framed's ko-fi page, which is a way for people to "buy someone a coffee" to thank them for their services, so if you're feeling generous you can pay it forward!

A message on the page reads: "If you're enjoying the game and would like to help keep the site up and running please consider supporting me!"

Wordle, the original game, is still going strong too after millions of fans across the globe logged in each day to try and guess the six-letter word, with everyone trying to figure out the same word. For months we've been sharing our frustrations and our successes, and perhaps Framed will become your next addictive game...

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