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Ghosts set to come back to haunt THIS EastEnders favourite tonight

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There's heartache in EastEnders as Ben Mitchell is reminded of everything he has lost...

Tonight's EastEnders sees Ben Mitchell visited by ghosts from his past as he is reminded of his lost love Paul Coker.

EastEnders fans will remember that Paul was the love of Ben's life, with the pair of them planning a future together as they got ready to move into the flat above the undertakers when Paul's grandparents Pam and Les moved out.

But tragedy struck back in 2016 when the couple were on a night out and found themselves the target of a homophobic attack.

Ben and Paul in EastEnders

Ben and Paul found happiness together back in 2016 (Credit: BBC) (Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron)

Ben and Paul got separated after being chased by a group of men, and while Ben was left fighting for his life, he later recovered, only to be left heartbroken when he was told Paul had died from his injuries.

Ben was devastated after losing Paul, and tonight he is reminded of everything he has been missing since his boyfriend's death when Callum and Whitney throw a house warming party in the very same flat that Paul lived in.

When Ben arrives at the party, it is clear that he is a little worse for wear, and things quickly get out of hand when he goes in search of Paul's old bedroom.

EastEnders Ben Mitchell and Callum Highway

Ben and Callum have found a surprising common ground (Credit: BBC)

Callum is surprised to see Ben sitting alone in the dark room, surrounded by memories of Paul, and before long Ben starts to open up to Callum about his relationship with Paul.

But will seeing this softer side to Ben make Callum think differently of him?

When we usually see Ben he is usually trying to blackmail, scam or frighten someone. But this more vulnerable side of him is something we haven't seen for a long time.

Could Ben opening up to Callum bring the pair closer?

Or will Ben regret showing his softer side to someone he hasn't known for long?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.