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Greg Rutherford says his girlfriend wants him to sex up his Strictly performances

greg rutherford, natalie lowe
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In flagrant disregard for the 'curse of Strictly, Olympic champion Greg Rutherford has revealed his girlfriend wants him to make his performances as 'sexy as possible'

Greg Rutherford says his girlfriend is not worried about the so-called curse of Strictly.

The relationships and marriages of several contestants have fallen apart while appearing on Strictly Come Dancing over the years.

But long-jump star Greg, 29, who is partnered with Natalie Lowe (pictured), told the Daily Mirror the history of broken romances doesn’t bother Susie Verrill.

Greg Rutherford

Greg Rutherford (Jay Brooks/BBC)


“The thing she keeps saying to me is ‘When I watch you dance I want it to look really sexy’,” the Olympic gold medal winner said.

“She says ‘I want you to really go for it’. She wants it to look like there’s serious chemistry. She actively encourages me to make it as sexy as possible.

“I’m like ‘okay, fine!’”

Greg previously revealed how he tried to leave Strictly after suffering a crisis of confidence, but Natalie hauled him back into the studio.

Meanwhile, Ed Balls has been told to cheer up and 'look as if he is enjoying himself a bit more' by his Strictly predecessor Ann Widdecombe.

Ed Balls

Ed Balls (Guy Levy/BBC)


She told the Guardian that Ed’s performance in the waltz had been much better than her own 'but at least I looked as if I was enjoying it'.

Strictly continues on BBC1 at 6.20pm