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Evan STABBED in Holby City tonight: 'Chloe's concerned he might die!'

Chloe clutches Evan's hand in Holby City fearing he'll die
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Is it the end for Evan in Holby this evening? Amy Lennox, who plays Chloe, tells all...

As Evan is stabbed and left fighting for his life in tonight's Holby City, Chloe Godard fears she's going to lose the man she loves.

Here Holby City star Amy Lennox tells us all about Chloe's fears...

How would you describe Chloe's relationship with boyfriend Evan Crowhurst (Jack Ryder)?

"Well, when Evan first turned up, he and Chloe didn’t have a huge history, they weren’t in a long relationship and they’d only been on a few dates. Without Chloe realising, he’s managed to worm his way into her life and she’s been made to feel like she needs him. But, within a few episodes, viewers have discovered things that Chloe hasn’t seen."

Amy Lennox plays Chloe Godard in Holby City

Chloe fears the worst in tonight's Holby...

Is there anything about Evan that Chloe's unsure of?

"Evan's very intense and very keen. He tells Chloe he's going for a consultancy job at Holby, and she's quite taken aback because she’s happy with the way things are going but this is moving a little too fast. It's all happening very quickly for her and she's got other things going on like her work. So as much as she does like Evan and doesn’t see anything insidious at the moment, she's slightly threatened by him wanting to be at the actual hospital."

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So, Chloe's keen to impress Jac Naylor, who reckons the young medic has the makings of a great surgeon. What does Jac make of Evan wanting to be so close to Chloe?

"Jac knows Chloe’s one of the best and almost sees her as a younger version of herself; in terms of her ability, drive and passion for the job, Chloe lives for her career in the same way Jac does. Jac tells Chloe if she wants to progress she’ll need to knuckle down – and that there’s no room for boyfriends!"

Chloe throws herself into her work but runs into problems when a patient, Karen, becomes extremely aggressive towards her. What happens next?

"Evan's always hanging around, keeping an eye on Chloe. When he sees Chloe being threatened, he comes over to try and help the situation and unfortunately it backfires and Karen stabs him in the chest!"

As Evan's treated by medics, how is Chloe feeling?

"Karen narrowly misses Evan's heart, so the situation is very serious and Chloe’s genuinely concerned he might die."

Seeing Chloe feeling vulnerable, however, it seems that once again scheming Evan sees an opportunity to manipulate her…

"Even on his deathbed, Evan will do anything to get what he wants. So he turns this horrible situation to his advantage and proposes to Chloe!"

No way… Evan asks Chloe to marry him? Does she say yes?

"Ha, ha. You'll have to wait and see. But let's just say Chloe feels terrible about what's happened; she loves Evan and feels guilty that he was injured saving her life. So she almost feels obliged to do this."

Holby City is on tonight at 8pm on BBC1.

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