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Hollyoaks kills off this MAJOR character in tonight's shocker!

(Image credit: C4)

That Devil’s Dinner Party was never going to end well…

Hollyoaks killed off a major character in E4’s first look episode tonight, as village villain Liam Donovan was murdered…by his own sister, Grace Black.

It marks the end of an eighteen month stint for actor Jude Monk McGowan, who joined the soap in August 2018, replacing Maxim Baldry in the role.

Liam Donovan in Hollyoaks

Liam is dead! (Image credit: James Stack)

Viewers have seen an unhinged Liam become increasingly determined to wreak revenge on the people he believes have wronged him. In last night’s episode, he summoned James, Maxine, Mercedes and Grace to an ominously-sounding “Devil’s Dinner Party” at The Dog.

In tonight’s instalment, he pulled back a curtain to reveal John-Paul and Sylver tied up and blindfolded, before exposing sister Grace and former lover James as the guilty culprits behind Mercedes’ shooting.

Liam Donovan with Grace and James

It didn't end well!

Over at the hospital, meanwhile, Warren smelt a rat when Goldie complained about not receiving an invite to the ‘event’ and, realising Mercedes was in danger, he bolted to the pub to save his lover. As a scuffle broke out, Liam grabbed Mercedes, but Grace intervened to save the landlady, and then dangled her brother over the cellar stairs by his tie…before letting him go, and watching him fall to his death.

Speaking about his departure, McGowan praised the soap for giving him the opportunity to learn about TV acting, and said that Liam’s grisly exit was his personal highlight.

“My time on Hollyoaks has been incredible,” says the star.

“I’ve learned so much about the crafts of acting for camera. I’ve learned so much about the technicalities of working with a camera, which I was really hungry to learn about. I’ve been so fortunate to be as busy as I have been, with some very fun storylines, and to work with some incredibly talented people, who have helped me grow and learn.

“My favourite storyline must be my exit from the show. I liked the finality of it, and I liked how dramatic it was. I liked that I could just let loose in it.”

He adds: “I’m absolutely going to keep in contact with all the pals that I’ve made on the show. The people that I had long term storylines with, I would count myself lucky to be their friends, and I very much hope that we work together on something in the future.”

Liam’s death marks the end of the road for the Donovan brothers. Eldest brother Adam was murdered by his own father, Glenn, back in April 2018, while the baby of the bunch, Jesse, died in January from alcohol poisoning on the night of his wedding to Courtney.

Hollyoaks continues on C4.