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Hollyoaks star Jessica Fox teases this SHOCK twist for Nancy and Darren!

Hollyoaks Nancy with Darren

Darren will beg Nancy for a REUNION! The cheek!

Just over a year after he left Nancy in Hollyoaks for secret lover Mandy Richardson, Darren Osborne will come crawling back to his estranged wife and tell her he wants them to reunite!

The philandering village favourite will make the shock announcement in the run up to New Year after receiving a surprise letter in the post. His ex has filed for divorce….

“Nancy wants to move forward with Kyle and show him once and for all that she she’s committed to him, and that Darren is firmly in her past," reveals actress Jessica Fox. “Kyle needs a lot of reassurance; he’s a sensitive soul and he’s paranoid about Nancy and Darren getting back together – probably because they have done so many times before.”

darren osborne -nancy-hollyoaks

Darren wants Nancy back in Hollyoaks

The papers prove to be a reality check for Darren, who realises he doesn’t want to close the door on his marriage. And, he tells Nancy that he wants them to try again. But the brunette isn’t prepared to give him yet another chance, and tells him straight – they’re over!

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Adds Fox: “I think Darren wants to have his cake and eat it - he always has done. He is shocked and in denial. He thinks ‘Well, if she definitely doesn’t want me back, then I want her back, and how dare she do this – and at Christmas!’ So he’s not best pleased and says ‘I regret leaving you, I want to give it another go.’

“Nancy, quite rightly, laughs in his face and says ‘You’re mad, it’s not what I want, it’s nonsense. You had an affair with my best friend, left me to pick up the pieces and now you’re not enjoying it so much, you want to come back? Well the world doesn’t work like that Darren, I’m terribly sorry!’”


Darren and Mandy had a steamy affair

Nancy and Darren first tied the knot in 2012, and remarried in 2014. But last year, Darren and Mandy embarked on a steamy affair, which led to Darren walking out on his wife, and Mandy calling time on her marriage to Luke Morgan.

Unbeknown to their new partners, however, the former couple slept together when they were trapped in underground tunnels during the recent village disaster.

Fox continues: “There is always going to be something between them, and they’ve got kids together. But I don’t think Nancy could ever forgive Darren for the way he behaved.

“She’s got three kids in her house – Oscar, Charlie and Brooke – and they have to be her number one priority. She wouldn’t want to put them through any more upheaval.”

Hollyoaks continues on C4.