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Home and Away couple set to be torn apart thanks to THIS dark secret?

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Today's Home and Away sees Justin Morgan's daughter Ava Gilbert keeping a huge secret from her family...

There's drama heading for Home and Away as Justin Morgan's daughter, Ava Gilbert, continues to cause trouble in his relationship with Leah Patterson-Baker.

With their romance going from strength-to-stength, Leah was excited to take the next step in her relationship with Justin and meet his daughter.

Home and Away, Justin Morgan, Leah Patterson

Leah was excited to take her romance with Justin to the next level by meeting his daughter (Picture: Channel 5)

But once she arrived in Summer Bay, the schoolgirl didn't take too kindly to Leah always hanging around, and she soon started to come between Leah and Justin, leaving everyone unhappy.

Today's Home and Away sees Justin and Leah struggling to know what is going on in Ava's mind... and it seems the more they try to make amends with her, the further she pushes them away.

Leah is adamant that she doesn't want to come between Justin and his daughter, but he is determined that Leah's a part of his life now and Ava needs to get used to it.

Home and Away, Leah Patterson, Ava Gilbert

Leah was upset when Ava took an instant dislike to her last week (Picture: Channel 5)

But just when it seems like the pair are getting somewhere with Ava during a family dinner, a comment turns the schoolgirl's mood sour and she storms off to her bedroom once again.

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Justin is at a loss about how to manage the situation, but after chatting some more with Leah, they come to the conclusion that it's probably not Leah that Ava has a problem with, and perhaps something else is going on in her life.

Home and Away, Leah Patterson, Justin Morgan

Leah and Justin's romance looking like it was heading for trouble thanks to Ava (Picture: Channel 5)

After Ava wakes late at night, unable to sleep, Justin uses the moment to have a father/daughter chat while no one else is around, and eventually she opens up to him.

Ava tells Justin that things at home are tense, with her mum, Nina, breaking up with her long-term partner, Brian.

Finally the last few days start to make sense and Justin is relieved he knows what is wrong now... but how is he going to fix things for his heartbroken daughter?

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