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Home and Away spoilers: SURPRISE romance for Justin Morgan and Leah Patterson!

Home and Away, Justin Morgan, Leah Patterson

If you've been wondering if Justin and Leah might secretly both be feeling like they're more than just good friends, you'd be right!

Leah Patterson has been a close friend of the Morgan family for a long time now. So it's no surprise when she offers some emotional support to Justin Morgan in the fallout from his brother Brody's affair with Simone Bedford.

Justin is feeling horribly guilty that he knew about Brody and Simone's affair but didn't say anything to Brody's wife Ziggy until it was too late. However, Leah believes his family are adult enough to deal with their problems without involving him.

As Leah opens up about letting her grown son VJ go - he now lives in Cyprus - Justin also realises it's time for him to stop being such a father figure to his siblings.

Leah and Justin's heart-to-heart unexpectedly brings them closer. And, later that day, the pair unexpectedly find themselves kissing... and then a whole LOT more!

Home and Away, Justin Morgan, Leah Patterson

Justin and Leah get frisky! (Picture: Channel 5)

Elsewhere in the Bay, Raffy Morrison has another epilepsy seizure and is surprised she experienced none of the usual warning signs that a seizure was coming.

Raffy's boyfriend Ryder Jackson is annoyed none of their classmates knew what to do when Raffy had her seizure. So he comes up with an idea for an epilepsy awareness day at school.

This all leads Raffy to approach big brother Mason again, and tell him she's on board with his idea to make cannabis oil that could help her condition. Pleased, Mason gets to work on setting-up the lab equipment for their secret project.

Home and Away, Mason Morgan

Mason sets up a secret science lab (Picture: Channel 5)

Meanwhile, there's a shock in store for Marilyn Chambers when she hears news there's been an explosion at the base in Kabul where her soldier son Jett is based. In a panic, Marilyn wonders if Jett is injured... or worse?

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5