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Home and Away: Georgie Parker reveals why the sun's out and the surf’s up in Summer Bay!

Georgie Parker as Roo Stewart and Emily Symons as Marilyn Chambers in Home and Away

Soap star Georgie Parker talks ‘iconic’ Summer Bay Surf Festival and why Roo and the Bay’s Marilyn make such a great double act.

We could all do with a bit of cheering up after the last year and the residents of Summer Bay are no exception! Actress Georgie Parker chatted to about an upcoming storyline that is set to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Roo and Alf save the Surf Club!

After con-woman Susie McAllister did a disappearing act with all the Surf Club’s hard won cash - along with Leah Patterson and Justin Morgan’s life savings - things were looking bad for one of the Bay’s most cherished businesses.

Home and Away spoilers, John Palmer, Susie McAllister

Susie scammed John and targeted the Summer Bay residents (Image credit: Channel 5)

‘Sneaky’ Susie seduced a gullible John Palmer into winning the Surf Club presidency from longtime president Alf Stewart. But as soon as he got access to the finances, she swindled the lot and fled!

Alf’s daughter Roo wasn’t about to let Susie get the better of them. She and Alf forged ahead with the Surf Club competition in a bid to raise new funds to keep the club afloat. 

After all, Summer Bay wouldn’t be Summer Bay without surfing!

Community vibes

“When something really devastating happens and someone with no moral compass comes through and cleans out the good natured people of the bay, the community have to come together again!” Georgie insisted.

Summer Bay surf comp in Home and Away

Georgie Parker revealed the surf club scenes took a while to film

The star revealed that filming the episode on Sydney’s Palm Beach in the Australian summer meant a long day on set - but it was worth it.

“We were trying to catch up on filming for the nine weeks we’d had off over our lockdown as well as shooting scenes normally, so it was a really hectic time,” she revealed.

“The Surf Club carnival is so visual, all the colours are popping, you’re back in the water, you're back at the beach, you’re back at the iconic Summer Bay set.

“You’ve got everyone rallying together and supporting each other. 

“The world in many ways - although we’re divided - we also feel we’re connected in trying to overcome something.  

“I really do think that the storyline will resonate with viewers in a helpful way.”

Marilyn fits right in with the Stewarts!

Life has been busy for Roo and the Stewart family in recent months, including the dramatic appearance of Martha Stewart’s secret son Kieran and Martha’s recurring mental health problems.

But the household has also seen some lighter times with the addition of John’s ex, Marilyn Chambers, played by long-time Summer Bay resident Emily Symons.

Home and Away, Alf Stewart, Marilyn Chambers

Georgie Parker thinks Alf and Marilyn's scenes together are just perfect (Image credit: Channel 5)

The Surf Club storyline even sees Marilyn doing a turn as a marshal at the competition, after Roo asks her to step in at the last minute.

“It’s lovely having Marilyn living at Summer Bay House,” shared Georgie.

“I love Em’s [Marilyn’s] relationship with Ray [Meagher, who plays Alf] because it harks back to the early years of Home and Away.

“Em and I are very close and we get on very well so we always have a ball. Our characters are so fantastically different to each other, so that’s always a great foil. 

“We always say we’re like TV characters Laverne and Shirley or Cagney and Lacey!”

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