'Home and Away' star Ada Nicodemou on NEW family role for Leah!

Ada Nicodemou plays Leah Patterson in Home and Away
Ada Nicodemou has starred as Leah Patterson in 'Home and Away' since 2000. (Image credit: Channel 5)

Home and Away favourite Ada Nicodemou has revealed that Leah Patterson’s relationship with Justin Morgan (James Stewart) is set to enter new territory when they take Leah’s wayward nephew Theo Poulos (Matt Evans) under their wing.

The couple have an unexpected visit from Leah’s brother Dimitri Poulos’ son Theo after he turns up badly beaten, spinning a tale about being carjacked and assaulted.

“Leah is very close to Theo. They’re from a typical big Greek family, very close, so she adores him, as she adores all of her family, and she wants to do everything she can to help,” explained Ada.

Matt Evans joins Home and Away as Theo Poulos

The first time we saw Theo Poulos he was being pulled over by cop Cash Newman for speeding! (Image credit: Channel 5)

But it soon transpires that Theo has got himself mixed up in something underhand and he has thugs chasing after him...

“Theo is a troubled young man, but obviously Leah doesn’t think he is! He’s her favourite nephew. Justin can see through his charm and how he’s playing Leah, so he’s quite concerned,” shared Ada.

“Leah finds out he’s lying to her again about why he was beaten up so that's quite hard to hear because she has stuck up for him.

“It’s a typical kind of ‘mother’ response to think that your child isn’t a bad person and would never lie. It’s devastating to hear that her nephew has been.”

After the truth finally comes out that he was targeted as payback for an insurance scam he was involved in, Leah vows to set him on the straight and narrow.

She arranges a place for him to stay, as well getting him settled in a job. But Justin is concerned that an obviously crafty Theo is playing on his aunt's good nature.

“Leah brings to Justin’s attention that when he needed help, Leah was there time and time again and gave him so many chances. He needs to do the same thing for Theo,” insisted Ada.

“Justin understands he needs to be there for her family just like she was there for his.”

Leah Patterson and Justin Morgan in Home and Away

Leah Patterson and Justin Morgan are closer than ever following their recent ordeals. (Image credit: Channel 5)

Ada revealed that she’s enjoyed seeing Leah’s more motherly character come to the fore again, after Leah’s own son VJ Patterson left Summer Bay in 2018.

“A big part of Leah’s character is her family and her Greek culture so it’s really nice to have a family member come back in and also to be able to show another side of Leah which is her nurturing side,” she commented.

“There’s this great scene where Leah invites Theo to the house and she makes them a meal and they sit down together.

“Theo is loving the whole family unit thing because he never used to sit down and have dinner with his parents.

“Leah loves it, she loves having family around her and Justin’s very family orientated as well, so this gives Leah and Justin an opportunity to be a family."

It's clear that it's not going to be easy, however, as not only is Theo ungrateful when Justin offers him a job at the garage, he turns up late for his first shift and does everything he can to push his buttons...

When Leah and Justin first started dating in 2019, it started off as a sexy secret affair. Since settling into coupledom, their romance has been under strain from Justin’s tumour shock and then painkiller addiction - let alone having their life savings lifted by grifter Susie McAllister!

“They’ve really been tested! And just as they’ve come through all of that, Theo comes along and tests their relationship again,” agreed Ada.

“But after everything that they’ve been through they’re quite solid and they know they want to be with each other.

“They’ve been through the worst of it and they’ve gotten through it so I think they’re very strong.”

Leah Patterson, Justin Morgan and Theo Poulos at the garage in Home and Away

Leah Patterson is pleased when Theo Poulos starts working with boyfriend Justin Morgan. (Image credit: Channel 5)

It’s fair to say that Leah is on the more petite side of the Poulos family, but Ada points out that Matt Evans, who plays Theo, makes her look positively tiny!

“Matt’s such a pleasure to work with and really funny. But they couldn’t have cast anyone who was taller!” Ada joked.

“Shots with the two of us are hilarious! Matt’s really, really tall. It’s funny to see me, who’s so little, hugging him. He’s like this giant!”

Matt is a relative newcomer to acting, having first starred on Aussie TV in their version of The Voice. Have Ada and James been helping him out?

“He’s naturally very talented but he also really listens and watches and does a lot of work, as well,” she shared.

“He asks both James and I a lot of questions and obviously we’re happy to help. He’s got good timing and he’s naturally funny and smart. He’s doing really well.”

We’re looking forward to seeing what the Patterson-Morgan family 2.0 will look like!

Home and Away airs weekdays at 1:15pm/6:00pm on Channel 5.

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