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Home and Away’s Rob Kipa Williams teases HUGE Ari storyline twist

home and away Ari Parata and Mackenzie

Rob Kipa Williams reveals new drama for Ari when the soap returns in the New Year and explains why there might be a proposal on the cards for Ari and Mac!

Rob Kipa-Williams has had a big year since joining Home and Away as ex-con Ari Parata.

From a hospital siege to nearly splitting up Marilyn and John (before they really DID split up) he’s also had an almost love triangle with bar owner Mackenzie Booth and his own brother Tane Parata!

Home and Away, Marilyn Chambers, Ari Parata

Rob Kipa Williams was launched straight into a hospital siege when he joined the show (Picture: Channel 5)

With the soap set to take an extended Christmas break in the UK very soon, Rob revealed to Ari’s future with Mackenzie and teased a huge storyline in the offing...

“I’ve really enjoyed my first year. I’ve been here fourteen or fifteen months,” commented Rob.

“ Ari came in hot headed and he’s softened a little bit and shown that he can be romantic.

“There are some more surprises coming very shortly. One of my busiest times ever on the show. If you think I’ve been busy now there’s even more coming up!”

Rob wouldn’t let on exactly what’s on the cards but he did suggest that it will be life-changing for Ari...

“Let’s just say he’ll be faced with one of the biggest decisions he’s ever had to make,” he teased.

Home and Away, Tane Parata, Mackenzie Booth, Ari Parata

Ari and Mackenzie were nearly split up by Tane (Picture: Channel 5) (Image credit: Channel 5)

Recently, Ari and Mac’s blossoming romance was nearly nipped in the bud (opens in new tab) after Mac’s head was turned by Ari’s younger brother Tane.

When Ari took a break from the Bay to give Mac space, he returned wanting a decision. And luckily, she chose him.

“Mac’s attraction to Tane was more of an infatuation,” explained Rob.

“He’s the symbol of the ‘bad boy’.

"She’s had those sort of relationships in the past but she decides she wants a solid kind of a guy with some morals and values."

Now they’re back on track, could a proposal be in the offing?

“Given the speed of the relationship it’s on the cards!” laughed Rob.

“To Ari’s credit, he doesn’t play life by halves. And I don’t think Mac will be lured away by Tane.”

Home and Away Tane Parata

Tane Parata has a new job but he reverts to his old ways... (Picture: Channel 5)

With Tane getting involved in some very dodgy dealing (opens in new tab) and their nephew Nikau pondering a move to New Zealand to be with mum Gemma Parata, here’s hoping Ari can find some happiness with Mac. Although, this is Summer Bay!

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1.15pm and 6pm on Channel 5

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