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HOSTAGE terror tonight as THIS Coronation Street favourite finds their life in danger

Coronation Street
(Image credit: ITV)

Geoff's abuse takes another sinister turn in tonight's Coronation Street...

Tonight's Coronation Street will see Yasmeen Nazir find herself in a dangerous situation that leaves her petrified.

Coronation Street fans have been left sickened over recent weeks Geoff Metcalfe's coercive behaviour towards wife Yasmeen gets darker by the day.

Geoff and Yasmeen ITV

Yasmeen became the target of Geoff's anger once again earlier this week (Picture: ITV)

But tonight's Coronation Street double bill sees him hit an all time low when he locks claustrophobic Yasmeen up in his magician's box before heading to the pub.

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After Geoff's magic trick went wrong while Yasmeen covered for Emma in the 'woman in a box' act, he has been fuming with his wife after his botched trick went viral online.

Geoff and Yasmeen from Coronation Street ITV

Geoff took his humiliation out on Yasmeen (Picture: ITV)

Since then Geoff has filmed Yasmeen while goading her and threatened to put it online, refused to eat any of the food she has cooked for him, and put her on an impossible weekly budget for the family food shopping, enjoying every moment of having compete control over his wife.

But just when it seemed manipulative Geoff couldn't get any worse, tonight's Coronation Street will see a new twist in his abuse when he lies that he has had some enquiries about his magic act and wants her to help practice the box trick again.

Yasmeen doesn't have any choice but to go along with Geoff's wishes, and soon she finds herself climbing into the box once again.

Coronation Street spoilers: Has Yasmeen exposed Geoff Metcalfe?

Tim comforts Yasmeen... but will he realise Geoff is lying? (Picture: ITV)

But this time Geoff isn't magically going to make her disappear, instead he grabs his keys, locks his wife up and heads off to the pub, leaving her trapped inside the box.

Realising what Geoff has done, Yasmeen starts to panic, especially because she has a fear of confined spaces... and soon the realisation that she is being held hostage hits her hard.

When Geoff finally returns from the Rovers he is stunned to see Yasmeen is out of the box and Tim is comforting her.

But how did she get out of the box? Tim doesn't believe his dad when he lies that he thought the box was unlocked and it seems Geoff's true colours might be exposed.

Coronation Street spoilers: Has Yasmeen exposed Geoff Metcalfe?

Are Geoff's true colours about to be uncovered? (Picture: ITV)

Later Yasmeen tells Eileen what happened and, worried for her friend, Eileen quizzes Brian and Cathy about Yasmeen's supposed drinking problem.

However, Geoff is cottoning on to the fact the scales are starting to fall from everyone's eyes and he lies to Yasmeen about his ex wife being abusive in a bid to earn sympathy.

But will she believe him? And will Eileen and Tim soon realise what is really going on behind closed doors of Yasmeen and Geoff's house?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.