Coronation Street spoilers: Has Yasmeen EXPOSED evil Geoff Metcalfe?

Coronation Street spoilers: Has Yasmeen exposed Geoff Metcalfe?

Yasmeen gets the upper hand but can Geoff Metcalfe win her back round?

In the first episode of Coronation Street tonight (8.30pm, see our TV Guide for full listings) a shocked Geoff Metcalfe returns to find Yasmeen out of the box and standing next to a confused Tim.

Geoff insists he left the box open but Tim is not sure and Yasmeen later tells Eileen that Geoff deliberately locked her in. When Eileen quizzes Brian and Cathy about Yasmeen’s supposed drink problem, Geoff begins to fear that he is losing the upper hand and starts telling Yasmeen about his ex wife who abused him. Has he won her round again?

Coronation Street spoilers: Has Yasmeen exposed Geoff Metcalfe?

Tim tries to get the truth about Geoff Metcalfe out of Yasmeen

Sally looks over Tim’s divorce papers and is then bemused to find a mock-up wedding invitation, inviting her to her own wedding. Will Sally think it’s a sweet gesture or will Tim’s expensive divorce push her over the edge?

Tim Metcalfe and Sally

Is it over for Sally and Tim?

Nina settles down in a doorway but is frightened off by a gang calling her names. Roy and Carla are worried to discover she moved out of her flat weeks ago.

They are thrilled to find her at the cafe and she confesses she has been homeless and accepts his offer of the sofa to sleep on.

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