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How to watch 'Lie With Me' online anywhere in the world

Lie With Me cast: Phoebe Roberts, Charlie Brooks and Brett Tucker.
Here's how to watch Lie With Me online wherever you are in the world. (Image credit: Channel 5)

Lie With Me is a dark, new thriller that sees legendary EastEnders star Charlie Brooks taking centre stage. Here’s how to watch Lie With Me online anywhere in the world.

Showing over four nights, Lie With Me tells the story of a British woman, Anna, and her husband, Jake (Neighbours and Station 19 actor Brett Tucker), who relocate from England to his native Australia for a fresh start after infidelity rocks their marriage. 

Well, that’s the plan at least, until they hire a young live-in nanny, Becky (Phoebe Roberts), to look after their two small children. Becky and Anna soon form a bond when Anna confides her deepest fears — she thinks Jake’s cheating again. However, Becky isn’t the innocent stranger she appears to be and, what follows, is a tangled web of secrets, lies and betrayal… with deadly consequences.

In the first episode, which aired on Monday night, a murder was teased, before we cut to the Fallmont household, where there’s definitely still some problems with the couple after their big move to Australia. Although things looked promising as Anna went off for her first day at work and their new nanny, Becky, seemed to click with the kids, it didn’t take long for the fights to start and soon Anna's suspicions went into overdrive... 

Here’s how to watch Lie With Me online anywhere in the world to make sure you don't miss out!

How to watch Lie With Me online in the UK for free

Lie With Me started on Channel 5 on Monday 12 July. The four 60-minute episodes will air nightly, and the show will conclude on Thursday 15th July. 

The series will also be available to stream on-demand immediately after it airs on My5.

How to watch Lie With Me online anywhere in the world

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How to watch Lie With Me in the US

There are currently no plans to show Lie With Me in the US. 

How to watch Lie With Me in Australia

Lie With Me will be shown on Network 10 in Australia, although the air date is yet to be confirmed.