How to watch the World Gymnastics Championships 2022 online from anywhere in the world

The World Artistic Gymnastics Championships 2022 sees Britain's Joe Fraser looking for golds.
The World Artistic Gymnastics Championships 2022 sees Britain's Joe Fraser looking for golds. (Image credit: Getty)

Want to continue watching the World Gymnastics Championships 2022 online? Here's our guide to where you need to go...

The World Gymnastics Championships in Liverpool started on Saturday, October 2022 and since then the gymnasts have been wowing us with spectacular tumbling routines, tricky spins, vaults and amazing shows of strength and agility all week. 

It's been wonderful to see International stars such as Brazil's Olympic Vault champion Rebeca Andrade, Team USA's Olympic floor champion Jade Carey and Belgium's Olympic uneven bars champion Nina Derwael will look to shine, as will Olympic all-around champion Hashimoto Daiki of Japan and reigning world all-around champion Zhang Boheng of China and two-time US champion Brody Malone.

Team GB's stars have done well so far, with the women's team already gaining a silver on Tuesday November 1, with European champion Alice Kinsella plus teen twins Jessica and Jennifer Gadirova leading the way. The British men such as reigning world parallel bars champion Joe Fraser, Commonwealth champ Jake Jarman and their fellow European team gold medallists Giarni Regini-Moran, James Hall, Courtney Tulloch, have big hopes for medals too.

With Britain's Olympic hero Max Whitlock taking a break this year, Ireland’s Rhys McClenaghan will definitely have his eye on pommel horse gold in the apparatus finals at the end of the competition week.

Here's how to watch the World Gymnastics Championships 2022 from around the world so you can stay up to date throughout the event.

How to watch the World Gymnastics Championships online 2022 in the UK

The World Gymnastics Championships 2022 began in Liverpool on Saturday, October 29 2022 with the preliminary competitions. 

The competition will began airing live in the UK starting with the finals (see schedule below) on BBC Two, BBC Three, BBC iPlayer, and BBC Online from Tuesday, November 1, going through to Sunday, November 6 at various times. Check the BBC Sport schedule for full channel listings.

How to watch the 2022 World Gymnastics Championships online from anywhere in the world

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How to watch the 2022 World Gymnastics Championships in the US    

US coverage of the World Gymnastics Championships begins with the women's team final on Tuesday, November 1, and runs through to November 6. Events will be streamed live on Peacock with a delayed highlights broadcast airing on NBC on Saturday, November 5 at 12 pm ET. NBCSports has an up-to-date broadcast schedule with local broadcast times for each event.

Fans outside of the UK can also catch coverage of the event on the International Gymnastics Federation's YouTube channel and on the website

Jade Carry is the Olympic floor champion from Tokyo.

Jade Carry is USA's Olympic floor champion from Tokyo. (Image credit: Getty)

Below you can find all the major info about the competition including the full schedule and an interview with Team GB's former Olympic star and BBC commentator Beth Tweddle giving her expert analysis...

World Gymnastics Championships 2022: full schedule

Qualifying competitions run from October 29 to 31, with finals events taking place from November 1 through to November 6 when medals are awarded. Here's the complete schedule for all events with UK local times.

Saturday 29 October
7:55 pm to 10:50 pm: Women's qualifying (Belgium, United States, Romania, Spain)

Sunday 30 October
9:15 am to 3:35 pm: Women's qualifying (Korea, Ukraine, Sweden, Australia, Hungary, Canada, China, Mexico, France)
4.45 pm to 11:05 pm: Women's qualifying (Finland, Netherlands, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Chinese Taipei, Egypt, Great Britain, Austria

Monday 31 October
9:15 am to 5:45 pm: Men's qualifying (Austria, United States, Canada, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, Korea, Great Britain, China, Spain, Japan, Ukraine, Romania, Netherlands, Italy, Colombia, Brazil
18:45 pm to 10:55 pm: Men's qualifying (Turkey, Egypt, Germany, Belgium, Australia, France, Hungary)

Tuesday 1 November
6:15 pm to 9:05 pm: Women's team final

Wednesday 2 November
5:25 pm to 8:50 pm: Men's team final

Thursday 3 November
6:30 pm to 9:15 pm: Women's all-around final

Friday 4 November
5:45 pm to 9:10 pm: Men's all-around final

Saturday 5 November
1.15 pm to 6:10 pm: Apparatus finals, day 1 which is the men's floor exercise, pommel horse, still rings; women's vault, uneven bars

Sunday 6 November
1:15 pm to 6:10 pm: Apparatus finals, day 2 which is the men's vault, parallel bars, high bar; women's balance beam, floor exercise

Beth Tweddle on what to expect at the World Gymnastics Championships 2022

Beth Tweddle on what to expect at the 2022 World Gymnastics Championships

Former British Olympic bronze medallist and three-time world champion Beth Tweddle is on hand at the Liverpool arena as part of the BBC’s expert panel alongside Olympic champion Max Whitlock and What To Watch caught up with Beth for her thoughts on what to expect…

Is it exciting for Britain to have a home World Championships in Liverpool? 
Beth says: "I can’t wait. Mega exciting. I have competed in that arena. We have our nationals there and we’ve had it there since 2011 so I’ve been lucky enough to compete there two or three times. A home crowd definitely makes a difference. When you’re actually on the apparatus you don’t tend to notice that much but it’s when you’re marching into the arena and when you’re waiting. You do hear the crowd. Our Team GB gymnasts have had such a strange couple of years with regards to competing behind closed doors or not competing at all. I think they’re just pleased to be competing in front of home crowds. They’ve done the Commonwealth Games so they’ve had that insight already this year and they had a successful time there." 

The British team really has to step up now, don’t they? 
Beth says: "Yeah but do you know what, British gymnasts now are a force to be reckoned with. They’ve had the results that speak for themselves and I think the good thing now, and the reason why the team is so successful, is you’re not just relying on one person. There’s a depth within the team who all ultimately give their own scores to the team’s score. I think that’s why we’ve had such success.  Every interview you heard the boys do at the Commonwealth Games was them saying ‘it’s all about the team’ so it’s really nice to see that team morale, among the boys and the girls. There haven’t been any changes to the team either so they all know each other well." 

Is previous world parallel bars champion Joe Fraser Team GB's most likely chance for individual success?  
Beth says: "I think the fact is there are potential medals and finals within all of the men’s team. Obviously, Joe has got that World title, plus European and Commonwealth success, to his name so people will be watching out for him and he’s also got the individual apparatus but you’ve obviously got Giarnni Regini-Moran, Courtney Tulloch and James Hall, in the team! All of them qualified for that European vault final and the level of the vaults they are doing are credible on a world stage as well. Joe is obviously the top name. He's been there and done it and knows what to do to get a world title. But the other lads in the team are all so capable of making those finals as well."

What is it about Joe Fraser and his parallel bars that makes him stand out so much? 
Beth says: "It’s just his style. He’s got the execution but he’s also got the high difficulty level and those combine to give him that big score."

Joe had an operation earlier this year, didn’t he? 
Beth says: "He had a bit of a rough road getting there with his appendix and everything but the medical team is constantly keeping an eye and working with his coach on the national team to make sure they are looking after him. He was obviously held back during the Commonwealth Games and he didn’t do the all-arounds but a couple of weeks later he was obviously ready to do the all-arounds. 

What are your thoughts on the new British phenomenon, Jake Jarman?
Beth says: "It’s incredible the vault that he does.  It’s the three-and-a-half twist, the hardest vault in the world, which won him the Commonwealth and European titles this year. Most people struggle to do the triple and the fact that he’s then putting another half-turn on it is amazing. There are some skills you can play with in the training pits. You can try it out in training and you can then get it into the competition but that’s the kind of vault most people wouldn’t even be able to try."

It's all or bust then for Jake whether to use that most difficult vault then, isn’t it? 
Beth says: "He’s had another Euros in August so he’s had another couple of months training it and being in the gym and they’ll then make that decision between the team. During the qualification and team final, you only use one vault and you then do a second vault to get into the vault final so they will have to make the decision whether he would just do the three and a half as a qualification and use his first vault as one for the team. 

Jake Jarman seems a very confident young man…
Beth says: "He is and we’ve seen him come through the ranks. He had skills then but now he’s updating those skills, he’s executing them much better and his style has really improved. That’s why he’s taken that step up to winning the all-arounds title at the Commonwealth Games. They’ve all got so many medals now it’s much harder for us commentators. You used to be able to reel off all the medals. When we were in Coventry people were asking ‘Is this their first medal?’ and you have to literally look back whereas there was a day when we could name every medal. It’s gone very quickly."

Is Britain's Courtney Tulloch up there with the world’s best for the Rings? 
Beth says "Yeah. The strength you need for that apparatus is unbelievable and he makes it look so easy. But it is genuinely not. 

And is veteran James Hall (only 27) like the older brother of the team? 
Beth says: "He is but he’s also Mr. Reliable. He’ll get up there and do the job the team really needs. He’s medalled in the past so he knows what is required to help him do that."

Turning to the Team GB women this year, what do you think about Alice Kinsella’s chances? 
Beth says: "She’s had the disappointment at the Commonwealth Games, not picking up the all arounds medal she was really hoping for and she had a bit of a nightmare on beam which we’ve all done. We’ve all been there. So to then come back and two weeks later put that behind her and pick up that European medal, you could tell it meant a lot to her. 

And the twins, Jessica and Jennifer Gadirova?
Beth says: ""They are a new lease of life. They came through for the Tokyo Olympics last year and brought home that historic bronze team medal. They then chose to take a step back and focus on the Europeans and for Jessica it was a decision well made, picking up that European title. Again, it’s an exciting team to watch. They seem to be enjoying it. It’s a lovely team and you can see the team spirit is there. 

Twins Jessica and Jennifer Gadirova are competing for Team GB.

Twins Jessica and Jennifer Gadirova are competing for Team GB. (Image credit: Getty)

With Max Whitlock not competing having taken a year out, has his big rival Irish star Rhys McClenaghan got a chance on pommel horse? 
Beth says: "He’s had a quiet year with regards to the Commonwealth and Europeans, not doing necessarily what he would have wanted to do. But he has been at world cups recently and he’s been scoring close to what he did earlier in the summer so I think it’ll be interesting to see how he performs. He’s got the potential to medal, he’s done it in the past and I know he’s hungry for that success.

Which international stars should we be looking at? 
Beth says: " On the men’s side the team competition is going to be really interesting. Obviously the British are up there with a chance of a medal but China and Japan are always going head to head for that beam title so it’ll be really interesting to watch. I’m looking forward to that final. On the women’s side, you’ve got Rebecca Andrade who did so well at the Olympics last year and has continued to do well this year. I’m excited to watch the Brazilian team because they’ve had some really good results. They’ve always been there or thereabouts but they’ve had some good results this year. They beat America a couple of months ago so it’ll be interesting to see that dynamic on the world stage. 

Simone Biles isn’t going to be there, so will America miss her presence? 
Beth says: "She’s not going to be there but they’ve still got a huge talent coming. Jade Carey is coming as far as I’m aware. They’re always exciting to watch. They’re going to be starting the competition off in sub-division one on that Saturday so it’ll be interesting to see how they get on. 

Are the Russians not competing? 
Beth says: "As far as I’m aware they won’t be there at all. 

Do any of the women gymnasts come to you for advice? 
Beth says: "Not massively. Obviously I’ve done events with the twins and spoken to them there and I’ve kind of grown up with Alice. When I was competing she was on the scene in juniors. But no, not directly. 

Has the sport moved on since you retired in 2012? 
Beth says: " Yes, it’s been 10 years since London. There is some difficulty increase for sure and the sport has moved on in certain skills but for me it was nice to be able to step away and see the sport in Britain succeeding. 

The profile of the sport is growing isn’t it, especially with the coverage the BBC gives gymnastics? 
Beth says: " The profile of our sport has grown since 2012. Participation rates have gone up and there’s more and more kids wanting to do gymnastics. It’s great for our sport and the BBC have been really supportive and covered it since about 2005. It helps because if people are seeing it on the television, it then puts it to the forefront of people’s minds. Little kids are watching and going ‘I want to try that’ so it’s exciting to see that journey. 

Are you in the studio or actually going to be there at the Liverpool arena? 
Beth says: " I’m going to be there. I’m going to be at the arena. I can’t tell you where yet but as far as I’m aware I’ll be there somewhere. 

Have you been on the phone to British gymnast Nile Wilson about him taking part in Dancing on Ice just as you did a few years back? 
Beth says: "I did message him saying good luck. I look forward to catching up with him on the ice. I’m sure he’ll absolutely love it. He’s always happy to give things a go and get stuck in. He does some crazy things in the gym so I’m looking forward to it." 

Brazilian star Rebeca Andrade.

Brazilian star Rebeca Andrade. (Image credit: Getty)
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