Injured? My foot! Sophie believes Caz is faking her accident in Corrie


The course of true love has never run smoothly for Sophie Webster in Coronation Street and that's not about to change, as she once again crosses paths with Caz Hammond (Rhea Bailey).

Caz is jealous of Sophie's relationship with her ex-fiancee, Kate Connor (Faye Brookes), and after catching the pair sharing a kiss, Caz walked out of Kate's life and back into her job as a soldier.

But when Caz was injured in an accident, she returned to Weatherfield and is trying to reignite her relationship with Kate.

In an upcoming storyline, Sophie's upset and confides in her dad, Kevin (Michael Le Vell), when Caz seizes an opportunity to make her look bad in front of Kate. Will Caz's plan work? And will it spell the end of any chance Sophie has of winning Kate's heart?


Earlier, as Sophie heads out of Roy's Rolls, she bumps into Kate and Caz coming in together. Caz yelps, claiming Sophie has caught her injured ankle…


Cathy Matthews (Melanie Hill) looks on as an incensed Sophie protests her innocence to Caz and Kate…


A concerned Kate helps Caz and looks accusingly at Sophie…

Sophie tells Kevin she suspects Caz is playing on her injury in an attempt to hang on to Kate. But will she be able to convince Kate?

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