Interior Design Masters With Alan Carr on BBC2 - start date, contestants and everything you need to know

Alan Carr on the set of Interior Design Masters
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Alan Carr is taking over hosting duties on series two of Interior Design Masters...

Interior Design Masters is returning to BBC2 for a second series, with new host Alan Carr taking over from series one presenter Fearne Cotton. 10 aspiring designers will be competing for the chance to win a life changing contract with a boutique hotel, and interiors expert Michelle Ogundehin will decide who stays and who goes.

Here's everything you need to know about Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr

Interior Design Masters With Alan Carr start date: when does it begin on BBC2?

BBC2 has confirmed that the eight-part series will start at 8pm on Tuesday 2 February.

Interior Design Masters With Alan Carr challenges: what will the contestants have to do?

Each week the contestants will be tasked with making over a particular type of space, according to a brief set by Michelle. The first week's challenge is to design either a bedroom or a living room for a show home on a luxury development in Oxford.

Head judge Michelle Ogundehin with Alan Carr

Design expert Michelle Ogundehin with host Alan Carr (Photo: BBC / Darlow Smithson Productions / Banijay)

"When I heard it was show homes, I thought, 'well, that's easy'," says Alan. "But actually it was really tricky! You've got to add a bit of personality, but not too much personality, because you have to sell it for someone with a million pounds to spend. And they're all doing it on a budget, so I mean, how many hoops do you want someone to jump through?!"

Later episodes in the series will feature the contestants making over beach huts, salons, offices, restaurants and even luxury villas.

Contestants: who's taking part in series two?

10 contestants from all walks of life will be competing this time around. They include mum-of-three Amy, retail executive Jon, and NHS worker Siobhan.

"They're so good!" enthuses Alan. "I was surprised when I saw them all. I thought there would be some rubbish ones, but they were all good. It's a real mixed bag, but they all have this passion for interior design."

The contestants of series two gather in the design room

The series two contestants (L-R): Micaela, Paul, Peter, Lynsey (front), Barbara (behind), Charlotte, Jon, Amy, Siobhan and Mona (Photo: BBC / Darlow Smithson Productions / Banijay)

Also taking part are textiles designer Charlotte, former visual merchandiser Barbara, architect Lynsey, film set designer Mona, upholsterer Micaela, retail manager Paul and former doctor Peter.

Interior Design Masters With Alan Carr trailer: what does it reveal?

The official trailer for the series forecasts the usual mixture of disasters, as contestants contend with toppling furniture and spilled paint, and design triumphs. We also see contestant Jon admitting that he's gone "maximalist", and Alan turning up for his inspection on a bike!

Judges: who will be critiquing the contestants?

Michelle Ogundehin returns as the show's main judge. Each week she will be joined by a guest judge who will also share their thoughts on the contestants' efforts. Episode one sees Changing Rooms legend Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen returning as a guest judge for the show homes. His fellow series one guest judges Matthew Williamson, Sophie Robinson and Abigail Ahern will also be back.

Also lined up to appear in this series are Nisha Katona, Kit Kemp, Ross Bailey and Linda Boronkay.

What else do we know?

  • Alan thought it would be fun if he turned up in a different vehicle at the start of each episode. However, he came to regret it when some of them proved challenging to drive!
  • Alan had a few reservations about taking over the show. "I was a bit hesitant," he says. "Fearne did such a good job with the first series. I just didn't want to come in and spoil it for people! But as long as I get the balance right and I don't send everything up, why shouldn't I get involved in an interior design show?"
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