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Is THIS the clue that reveals the identity of Coronation Street's new super villain?

Coronation Street has promised a new super villain on the cobbles... but does next week's drama hint that it could be none other than Gary Windass?

With the likes of Pat Phelan dead and buried, Coronation Street boss Iain MacLeod has promised us a new Weatherfield super villain... and apparently it is someone who already lives on the cobbles.

But surely no one already in the soap has got it in them to turn nasty? Or have they?!

While fan speculation has been pointing at characters like Nick Tilsley and Seb Franklin... it seems there could be a clue in next week's Coronation Street episodes that points the finger at Gary Windass.

Coronation Street spoilers: Gary fires Seb Franklin!

Could Gary be the new cobbles baddie? Or is it Seb?

He might seem fairly harmless on the outside, but a small argument between him and girlfriend Sarah Platt next week could be the hint that Gary has got a dark streak running through him.

The official website for Coronation Street has revealed today that the couple's already rocky romance is set to go from bad to worse when Gary decides to cash in on other people's misfortune by charging over-inflated prices for repair work on damage caused by the recent boat fire.

The website revealed that Sarah will be left shocked when she finds out that not only is Gary charging his neighbours more than he should for repair work, but also her own family, as he quotes David an inflated price for repairs to Number 8!

But could Gary's decision to swindle people just be a way to combat his current financial woes, or is this a sign that he has got a mean steak running through him?

Coronation Street spoilers: Has Sarah Platt given up on Gary

Gary and Sarah have been on the rocks for weeks

It was revealed by Iain MacLeod last year that a current character on the cobbles would turn darker...

"When I joined the show I always regretted that I didn’t get a chance to play with Phelan for a bit, not that we could ever try and recreate him, because he was so unique, but we are trying to design another Corrie villain who is wrong through-and-through.

"What I have always liked about Corrie is the ability to have villains like Hillman and Phelan who come in and burn bright, but then there are also the more complicated, long range villains like Mike Baldwin. Ruthless, self-serving and looking out for number one.

"We are designing a character in that latter type who can stay long term as an antagonistic person who's just messing with lives.

"The other thing I'm attracted to is the genesis of that person, rather than bringing someone new in. Their intentions are good but rapidly snowball. It will be a very slow burn."

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