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JOY in Emmerdale as THIS beloved couple share some HUGE news

(Image credit: ITV)

Vanessa and Charity share some big news next week...

Next week's Emmerdale sees Charity Dingle and Vanessa Woodfield sharing some huge news with their family and friends... but what bombshell are they about to drop?

Emmerdale fans will know that Vanessa and Charity's relationship has been through the mill over recent months.

Emmerdale, Charity Dingle, Vanessa Woodfield

Charity and Vanessa's relationship has been on the rocks for weeks (Picture: ITV) (Image credit: ITV)

Vanessa's fight with bowel cancer has left the pair estranged as Charity tries to be there for her other half, only to keep getting it wrong.

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Viewers will know that Charity's caring and nurturing side doesn't come easily to her, and navigating her way through Vanessa's cancer battle has forced to her show a side that many didn't know existed.

However, her love for Vanessa has always been at the heart of everything Charity does, despite the fact she might not always get things right.

Vanessa hurts Charity in Emmerdale

Charity was hurt when Vanessa asked Rhona to be Johnny's guardian (Picture: ITV)

But the pair had a huge falling out recently when Vanessa asked Charity to officially look after Johnny in the event of her death... something that Charity didn't see coming.

But Vanessa saw Charity's hesitation to accept as a sign she didn't want to become Johnny's guardian, rather than the fact talking about her death was uncomfortable for her, and the pair had a blazing row.

The argument lead Vanessa to ask best friend Rhona to be Johnny's guardian instead, driving a further wedge between her and Charity.

Next week sees Rhona bringing the legal papers back, leaving Charity more hurt than ever, leading to her snapping at Vanessa once again.

Vaness and Charity are upset with each other in Emmerdale

Rhona brings back the guardianship papers, leading to another big argument (Picture: ITV)

After yet another blazing row Charity and Vanessa are more estranged than ever, and their relationship is starting to hang by a thread.

Thankfully the pair eventually kiss and make up, and Charity heads to the hospital with Vanessa and it seems they might finally be back on track.

However, when they return they're both on cloud nine and announce they have got some happy news to share.

But what are they about to tell their friends and family?

Emmerdale will temporarily air a reduced schedule of three episodes a week. Watch on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7pm on ITV.