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This LEGENDARY Hollyoaks villain will be returning to the soap next week

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Silas is back!

Hollyoaks will be bringing one of its most notorious serial killers next week.

As part of the soap's new Favourites series, viewers will get to relive Silas Blissett's evil schemes.

Silas, played by Jeff Rawle, originally appeared in Hollyoaks between 2010 and 2012 with a dramatic return in 2016.


Relive Silas' most iconic moments next week...

Evil Silas killed six women in total, including his own daughter Heidi (Kim Tiddy) after a Halloween murder gone wrong.

Next week, Hollyoaks Favourites will take us back to the night of Halloween 2011, where Silas had planned to murder Lynsey Nolan (Karen Hassan).

Heidi attended a Halloween party dressed as Catwoman, unaware that Lynsey and Texas were wearing the same costume.

This is where Silas messes up, mistaking Heidi for Lynsey and hitting her over the head.


Mercedes fears for her life at the hands of Silas...

The next episode will see Silas kidnapping Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe), and she's horrified after finding out he murdered Heidi.

A third and final episode will see him getting arrested after being knocked to the ground by Heidi's son Riley (Rob Norbury).

Silas once teamed up with another killer, Lindsey Butterfield, but the soap has confirmed he won't be back to cause chaos any time soon.

Soap boss Bryan Kirkwood told The Sun, "We've had great fun with all of [Silas's] returns over the years. Most recently when he joined up with Lindsey Butterfield, the Gloved Hand killer.

"That was serial killer in cahoots with serial killer [and] was great fun at the time but we won't be revisiting that."

Hollyoaks Favourite has allowed fans to enjoy plenty of throwback episodes whilst the soap is operating on a reduced schedule.

We've seen weddings, train crashes, and all sorts of dramatic moments!