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Lorraine's resident doctor left red-faced after this embarassing moment!

Lorraine Dr Amir

Oh dear!

Lorraine viewers were in stitches after resident doctor Amir Khan suffered a string of misfortunes at the hand of nature!

Appearing via video link, Amir spoke to stand-in host Christine Lampard to discuss rising obesity rates and coronavirus.

Dr Amir also provided some advice to those worried about returning to school post-lockdown.

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But despite the serious conversation, Amir had a bit of a disastrous moment before dialling in to chat to viewers.

He filmed from his garden in Leeds, but hadn't had a very peaceful morning.

He revealed, "I have been attacked by a wasp.

"But I’ve been pooped on by a starling as well, in a really dodgy place where it looks like I’ve pooped myself."

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Christine was very amused by these mishaps, telling the resident doctor to "go and get a wash". Oops!

Amir had decided to film outside, and had unfortunately had to deal with local wildlife.

It seemed viewers were very interested in his garden too, with many commenting on it via Twitter.

One wrote, "There is a lot going on in that garden.... #Lorraine"

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Another added, "is he in his own garden?? #Lorraine"

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Despite not coming on the programme to discuss gardening, Dr Amir ended up mentioning it after his unfortunate mishaps.

He told viewers, "I’m showing off the late summer blooms in my front garden today as they are looking especially colourful!

"Most are perennials that I planted a few years ago but some annuals as well to mix things up! Loved by insects and me."

But perhaps Dr Amir might choose to stay indoors for his next interview, in case nature attacks him again!

Lorraine continues weekdays on ITV from 9am.