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EastEnders actress Lucy Benjamin opens up about her return to the Square

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Bringing Lisa back was ‘like going home’ for the actress.

Lucy hasn’t set foot in the Square for two years, but she reckons it was well worth the wait, as her character Lisa’s return is set to bring all the drama you’d expect – and more.

‘It’s all going on in that week and drama seems to follow her around,’ she told Mirror Online. ‘When I first got the scripts, I remember saying: “Flippin’ heck!”’

Lisa will return to the soap in early September, alongside Louise and Keanu. Lucy filmed her comeback scenes earlier this summer, and it sounds like she’s had a ball during her time on set.

‘Just seeing familiar faces and seeing Patsy was there and Tamsin was back, it was just a joy!’ she exclaimed. ‘It was like going home. And it’s been a pleasure ever since in the weeks that I’ve been there.’

The actress admitted that she still has a soft spot for her EastEnders alter ego because ‘she’s so multi-faceted and there’s still so much to discover about Lisa and what makes her tick.’

‘As an actor, it’s a delight to be given someone like that,’ she explained. ‘I get where she’s going, I see what makes her tick and therefore I love her very much.’

One person who won’t be happy to see her return is Phil Mitchell, who Lisa famously shot back in 2001, in a ‘very proud moment’ in Lucy’s EastEnders career. Incredibly, the actress says fans still ask her when she is going to ‘do him in’ once and for all.

So will their feud be reignited? ’I’m back to do a stint, without giving away how long I’m back for,’ she hedges. ‘I don’t really want people second-guessing what the storyline’s going to be, but there’s more of what you would hope to come.’

We can’t wait.

EastEnders continues on BBC1.