MasterChef fans got angry when John Torode suggested chicken and cheese was a strange combo

Anyone who tuned in to watch Wednesday night’s MasterChef could have been forgiven for thinking they were witnessing a live cross to the kitchen of their local chain pub.

The contestants were gunning for a place in Friday’s quarter-final and so when we got dishes of ham, eggs and chips, as well as chicken and cheese, it appeared as though the amateur chefs were setting the bar at 'family-friendly'.

Chicken and cheese dish

(BBC screenshot)


But then attention quickly changed when John Torode declared that chicken and cheese was weird. At that point Twitter stopped worrying about the food and more about how John could contemplate such a thing – has he not heard of Hunter’s Chicken?

John just said, I may be paraphrasing, "Chicken and cheese is a bit odd." He has just undermined 1000s of students' cooking #masterchef

— Caitlin Jordan (@CaitlinMJ95) April 6, 2016


John says "cheese and chicken is a bit strange" I just want to forcefeed him Hunter's Chicken until he's full of cheese dreams. #Masterchef

— Lorna Mackinnon (@LORNmower) April 6, 2016


Is cheese with chicken strange? Just asking as a friend *cough* is currently cooking chicken stuffed with cheese #masterchef

— Karen Stevens (@kaztigers) April 6, 2016


What's your beef with cheese & chicken? Cheese & chicken is a beautiful thing… @JohnTorode1 #Masterchef @MasterChefUK

— Mark Phillips (@mrkphllps1) April 6, 2016


What do you mean cheese and chicken is a bit strange. You obviously haven't tasted my Drunken Chicken. #Masterchef

— BurySue (@BurySue) April 6, 2016


Cheese and chicken is a bit strange? Sorry, what, @JohnTorode1?! #masterchef

— Kelly Finlay (@kelfin88) April 6, 2016


Cheese and chicken ain't strange. Particularly when the chicken is coated in BBQ sauce and the cheese is melted… #Masterchef

— Chris (@evilcheltdevil) April 6, 2016


It also got us wondering whether John is Australian at all.

The 50-year-old was born in Melbourne, a city that revels in serving chicken parmigiana, and where most pubs have a weekly night dedicated to the predominantly chicken and cheese dish.

And he’s clearly not been to Middlesbrough.

Cheese and chicken strange? Have you ever had a parmo john ?? #masterchef #parmo

— Alice Knight (@aliceknight24) April 6, 2016


"Cheese and chicken's a bit strange" – Wasn't Hunter's Chicken an Australian thing?!?! #Masterchef

— Zarte Siempre (@zarteftw) April 6, 2016


As Twitter calmed down John sprung another shock when he declared Jack’s ham, egg and chips a triumph – it did look pretty good to be fair – even if some viewers weren’t sure.

Some great looking food on #masterchef @MasterChefUK the ham, egg and chips look very nice ;)

— Martyn (@AmateurChefUK) April 6, 2016


Everyone banging on about Champions League, im here watching some fella make ham, egg and chips #Masterchef

— Liam (@liamb0798) April 6, 2016


John was on fire and when he had this conversation about a lack of rice in a curry dish, most of Twitter was done.

"Do you like rice?" "Yeah I like rice". "You like rice? I like rice" "Yeah? I like rice" "Rice?" "Rice" "Nice rice?" "Nice" #masterchef

— Agent Q (@Quaristice) April 6, 2016


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