MLB.TV is now available on Amazon Prime Video Channels

MLB.TV on Amazon Prime Video Channels

For those of you who aren't T-Mobile subscribers and want to get in on MLB.TV in time for the new season know this — you can now subscribe to MLB.TV on Amazon Prime Video Channels .

What's what mean, exactly? You get the exact same MLB.TV you'll find anywhere else, only now it's directly integrated with Amazon Prime Video Channels — right down to the billing. It's a perfect fit if you've all-in on Amazon Fire TV, or if you just want to let Amazon do the heavy lifting for you.

MLB.TV is the best way to watch out-of-market games all season long. Blackouts are still a thing, though. Here's the fine print on that:

Live regular season games included in your subscription feature out-of-market teams only. Nationally televised games and local team games televised in your area aren't available for live streaming with MLB.TV. MLB playoff games, the World Series, and the All-Star Game are not available for live streaming with MLB.TV. Nationally televised games and local games are usually available on your regional sports network or over-the-air station.

Regional blackouts are based on your physical location — but do note that you'll be able to watch them via MLB.TV about 90 minutes after the game is over. During the offseason you can watch all the games on-demand whenever you want.

You'll also be able to take advantage of Amazon's X-Ray feature, "which allows fans to access live in-game stats, team and player details and play-by-play information" as you watch.

You'll get a free seven-day trial to watch all the out-of-market games you can fit into your schedule. After the free trial is up, you'll pay just $24.99 a month. Or you can cough up a single payment of $118.99 for the full Season Pass.

The only real prerequisite is that you need to be an Amazon Prime Video member — and you need to be a baseball fan.

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