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Ten Amazon Prime Video Channels you need to know

Amazon Prime Video Channels

Amazon Video has video. A lot of video. Amazon Prime Video has a lot of video that's free along with your Amazon Prime membership. And for everything else — a whole lot of everything else — there's Amazon Prime Video Channels .

These are a series of channels to which you'll subscribe monthly and then have available on your Amazon Fire TV, or Fire tablet, or on the web. You get a free seven-day trial for each channel, and then you start paying after that. (Conveniently, through your Amazon account.)

It's a great complement for whatever streaming services you already have through Amazon Fire TV. And it's a brilliant way to check out video that otherwise is off the beaten path.

Here are just a few of the better channels we think you should check out — but by all means definitely cruise through the entire Prime Video Channels section, too. (All prices listed are monthly, and remember that you'll need an Amazon Prime membership , too.)