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Billions fans did not have to wait long for the Showtime drama to return for season 6. Though Billions season 5 had a big gap in it because of COVID-related shutdowns, Billions season 6 is set to premiere just a few months after the season 5 finale aired in October. Of course, the end to last season brought some major changes to the show, including a major character’s exit.

Billions premiered on Showtime in 2016 and was created by Brian Koppelman, David Levien and Andrew Ross Sorkin (he is not related to Aaron Sorkin, the last name is just a coincidence). Billions has become one of Showtime’s flagship TV series, along with Shameless, The Chi, Homeland, Dexter (and its sequel series Dexter: New Blood) and the new series Yellowjackets. And as of Feb. 15, per Variety, we also know that Billions will be back for season 7.

Here is everything we know about Billions season 6. FYI, SPOILERS AHEAD on what happened in season 5 and things moving forward.

When is the next Billions episode?

The Billions season 6 finale aired on Sunday, April 10. The full sixth season can now be watched on either the Showtime website or Showtime Anywhere app, or you can stream it on Prime Video or YouTube TV with the Showtime add-on channel.

Billions will return with a season 7, though a timeline for that new season has not yet been announced.

Billions season 6 plot

From the beginning of the series, Billions has been a chess match between New York hedge fund manager Bobby Axlerod (played by Damien Lewis) and U.S. attorney Chuck Rhoades (Paul Giamatti) who strives to take down him and his company, Axe Capital. Their series-long confrontation came to a head in season 5 as Axlerod faced prosecution. His only way out was to cut a deal for his company and abscond to Switzerland (this marks the end of Lewis’ time as a series regular, though he could potentially return in some capacity).

That leads us to season 6, which will focus on the new head of Axe Capital, Mike Prince. Here is the official synopsis for Billions season 6:

“As Mike Prince takes his place on the Axe Capital throne, he’s determined to change the game — and new money means no mercy. Meanwhile, Chuck Rhoades is convinced no one should have that much wealth or that much power. With Prince firmly in Chuck’s crosshairs, forces will be rallied and scores will be settled. And as all the players seek out new alliances, only one thing’s for certain … wealth means wars.”

Here are the synopses for the Billions season 6 episodes so far:

Billions season 6 episode 1: “Cannonade":
"Prince revamps the team in his image with mixed results. Chuck clears his head upstate, leading a crusade against a local blue blood. Meanwhile, Wags, Wendy and Taylor try to wrap their heads around their new positions."

Billions season 6 episode 2: "Lyin' Eyes":
"Prince instructs the trading floor on a new play but is met with skepticism. Taylor and Wendy try to nail down Prince's intentions. Wags struggles to hide a conflict of interest. Chuck decides to go after the entire billionaire class."

Billions season 6 episode 3: "STD":

"Prince works to secure a key supporter in his bid for the games. Chuck investigates a mysterious run on the NYAG land bank. Taylor weighs a different kind of cost when old friends get caught in a business crossfire.

Billions season 6 episode 4: "Burn Rate":

"Facing political headwinds against the Olympic Games, Prince turns to Wendy for help. Scooter and Wags work together to help secure the games. Taylor chases a holy grail play as Sacker makes a big decision."

Billions season 6 episode 5: "Rock of Eye":

"With a new player at Prince Cap, the trading floor scrambles to stake out their turf. Taylor makes a huge bet on a risky play. Chuck tries to bring home a worthy case but encounters an unexpected challenge."

Billions season 6 episode 6: "Hostis Humani Generis":
"After a donation puts a strain on the firm, Prince must find fresh capital. Despite skepticism from his team, Chuck searches for a way to undermine Prince's largesse. Sacker and a competitor size each other up."

Billions season 6 episode 7: "Napoleon's Hat":
"Prince must decide just how far he'll go to secure his bid. Chuck, determined to find wrongdoing in Prince's pursuit of the games, follows a lead. Mase Carb develops a new algorithm, and Taylor uses it to their advantage."

Billions season 6 episode 8: "The Big Ugly":
"After the Commission's decision, Prince encourages his team to find new investments as Wendy prepares for the future. Taylor goes all-in on a questionable play. Rian comes to an unlikely arrangement with Wags."

Billions season 6 episode 9: "The Hindenburg":
"Chuck fights to unlock the city for the people. Prince and his brain trust hatch a plan to turn the tables. Taylor teams up with Philip."

Billions season 6 episode 10, "Johnny Favorite":
"Senior and Chuck's friends take Chuck on a retreat to regroup. Prince looks to consolidate his wins. Wendy tries to figure out Prince's bigger picture. Sacker reckons with some old skeletons in her closet."

Billions season 6 episode 11, "Succession":
"Prince's plan is put in jeopardy when Chuck unleashes a new kind of attack. Meanwhile, a discovery sets off chaos at Michael Prince Capital. Prince makes an announcement that pushes the tension between Philip and Taylor to the boiling point."

Billions season 6 finale, "Cold Storage":
"The discovery of Prince's true plan pushes Chuck to undertake his most dangerous gambit yet — one final all-in gamble."

Billions season 6 cast

So, it’s Damien Lewis out and Corey Stoll in as the lead man on Billions. Stoll’s Mike Prince first appeared on Billions in season 5 and has quickly worked his way to the top of the food chain. Stoll is a veteran of both the big and small screen. His TV shows credits include the likes of House of Cards, Law & Order: LA, Girls, The Strain and 2021’s Scenes from a Marriage. For movies, Stoll has starred in Midnight in Paris, Ant-Man, First Man and 2021’s The Many Saints of Newark and West Side Story.

Of course, Billions is still a two-hander, as Paul Giamatti returns for season 6 in his role as Chuck Rhoades. Giamatti is Oscar-nominated (Cinderella Man) and Emmy-winning (John Adams) actor, who has also been singled out for his performance on Billions with nominations by the Critics Choice Awards. Some of Giamatti’s other career credits include Jungle Cruise, Straight Outta Compton, Sideways and plenty more.

The rest of the main Billions cast includes Maggie Siff as Wendy Rhoades, Asia Kate Dillon as Taylor Mason, David Costabile as Mike “Wags” Wagner, Condolad Rashad as Kate Sacker and  Daniel Breaker as Roger “Scooter” Dunbar.

Billions season 6 trailer

Again, fans aren’t waiting long for the return of Billions between season 5 and season 6, but they didn’t have to wait at all for the first look at Billions season 6, as the trailer for the next season was released shortly after the season 5 finale aired. While the foes may be different, Billions season 6 certainly looks to be a massive tug of war over financial power. Watch the trailer below.

How to watch Billions season 6

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