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New Emmerdale trailer reveals LIFE OR DEATH drama for SIX main characters

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Emmerdale's latest trailer has revealed huge drama will be hitting our screens next week...

Next week's Emmerdale promises to be one of the biggest weeks of 2019, and if the new trailer that has just been released is anything to go by, fans certainly won't be disappointed.

Emmerdale and Coronation Street are both renowned for airing huge weeks at this time of the year, setting the scene for their exciting Christmas episodes at the end of the year.

And next week's Emmerdale is set to be one of the best weeks the soap has seen yet with Cain seeking revenge on cheating Nate, Robert making his final exit from the village, and Chas going into labour while trapped in a toilet...

Cain finding out about wife Moira's affair with farmhand Nate is the moment that Emmerdale fans have all been waiting for.

And the trailer hints that it is Faith who finally reveals that Moira has been cheating, leaving Cain intent on getting the ultimate revenge on Nate.

Cain, Nate and Moira all end up on a boat in the middle of the lake... but a spot of fishing seems to be the last thing on a murderous Cain's mind as he ends up fighting with Nate.

Pete knows about the affair in Emmerdale

Nate and Moira's affair is about to be exposed in the most dramatic way next week (Picture: ITV)

But as it turns out, the affair might be the least of Cain's worries when the boat they're all on explodes into a ball of fire.

Will any of them make it out alive?

Meanwhile, back in the village Chas has gone into labour trapped in the pub toilets with Marlon.

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As Chas's contractions seem to be getting stronger, it looks like she might actually end up giving birth to her baby in the toilets with no one but Marlon to help her.

Will Chas and her baby be okay?

Emmerdale Explosive Autumn 2019

Nate, Moira, Cain, Robert, Aaron and Chas all find themselves at the centre of the drama next week (Picture: ITV)

The third huge story for next week sees Robert make his final escape as the police close in on him.

Emmerdale fans will know that Robert and husband Aaron are on the run after Lee dies from the injuries inflicted by Robert.

But as the law catches up with him, can Robert make a run for it and avoid spending the rest of his life in jail?

And does this spell the inevitable end for 'Robron'?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.