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PANIC in Emmerdale as THIS unwelcome newcomer arrives to dig up ghosts from the past


Mandy and Vinny are being watched from afar...

Emmerdale favourite Mandy Dingle gets a sinister blast from the past next week when Vinny Dingle's dad, Paul, makes an unwelcome visit to the village.

Ever since it was revealed last month that Vinny wasn't Mandy's biological son, fans have been convinced that it wouldn't be long before Mandy's ex made a grand entrance.

Vinny becomes a Dingle Emmerdale ITV

Mandy revealed last month that Vinny wasn't her biological son (Picture: ITV)


Emmerdale viewers will remember that Mandy finally confessed the truth about her relationship with Vinny, revealing that while she wasn't his biological mum, she has raised him as her own since he was little.

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Mandy was in a relationship with Vinny's dad, Paul, when he suddenly upped and left, leaving Mandy and Vinny to fend for themselves.

Shock for Mandy

Mandy's speechless when she sees her ex next week (Picture: ITV)

However, instead of handing Vinny over to the care system, Mandy made the huge decision to take the boy under her wing and the pair have been inseparable ever since.

But while the Dingle family have welcomed Vinny into the clan like one of their own, things are soon set to be turned upside down by Paul's reappearance in his son's life.

Vinny takes his place in Emmerdale

Vinny takes his place in the Dingle family photo... (Picture: ITV)


Next week Mandy is out on Lydia's hen night when she gets separated from the rest of the party and ends up alone on an abandoned country road.

But as she flags down a passing car for help, she is stunned to see that her ex, Paul, is driving.

Paul insists he is back to reconnect with his son, but Mandy lies that Vinny is no longer in the village, hoping to put him off the scent.

Paul watches his son

Paul watches his son from afar (Picture: ITV)

However, her plan doesn't work, because later on, as the Dingles gather for a family photo after Lydia and Sam's wedding, they have no idea that Paul is watching them from afar.

Now that he knows Mandy lied about Vinny being in the village, how long will it take for Paul to make his presence known?

Emmerdale’s scheduling pattern has changed due to the coronavirus pandemic, and now airs three episodes a week on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays at 7pm on ITV.