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Paramount Plus NFL games will be regional, but they'll be on both paid tiers

NFL on Paramount Plus
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One of the biggest questions we've had surrounding Paramount Plus is whether you can watch NFL games on Paramount+. And the answer is that you can. And we're now starting to get a better idea of what to expect.

The NFL and CBS have announced that not only will you be able to watch NFL games on Paramount+, you'll be able to do so on both of the service's pricing plans. That's the $9.99-a-month (or $99.99 a year) plan that gets rid of most advertising on the on-demand content, or the less-expensive $4.99-a-month plan, which debuts in June 2021 and that won't include access to a stream of your local CBS affiliate.

If you were hoping for some sort of NFL Sunday Ticket situation, however, where you could watch whatever game you want — that's not happening. Instead, we've been told by the folks at CBS Sports that games on Paramount+ will be region-locked based on your location, just like if you were watching CBS proper over the air or via the CBS website or app. (And if you have a cable subscription burning a hole in your pocket and want to stream NFL games on CBS that way, you can.)

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“We are thrilled to extend and expand our long-term partnership with the NFL to create even more value for ViacomCBS and for NFL fans,” Bob Bakish, President and CEO, ViacomCBS, said in a press release. “Today’s groundbreaking deal ensures that more big games will be available on CBS and Paramount+, with greater NFL programming opportunities featured across all ViacomCBS platforms including Pluto TV, vastly expanding the NFL’s reach among younger audiences in a rapidly evolving media landscape. NFL football is both a pillar of CBS Sports and huge differentiator for our streaming strategy, and our extensive partnership with the NFL will be fundamental to further driving growth and engagement on Paramount+ for years to come.”

That's better than nothing, for sure. But it's a far cry from what die hard fans would love to see in 2021 and beyond. The deal between CBS and the NFL is good through 2033, so expect this scheme to last the next dozen years.

You also can find loads more live sports on Paramount+, though. That includes a lot of international soccer, including the Champions League and Europa League, which pit the best clubs in Europe against each other. It also will have the National Women's Soccer League in the U.S., and it's getting into the South American futbol game, too. And, of course, there's March Madness on Paramount+.

Paramount+ also is home to all kinds of non-sports content. The best Paramount+ shows include things like the entire Star Trek universe, and all your CBS favorites. There also are a host of new originals coming to Paramount+ (if they're not there already), including the ever-expanding Yellowstone universe.

You'll also find a world of feature films on Paramount+. And they run the gamut from 50-year-old classics, to new favorites like the Mission: Impossible franchise. (Indeed, our list of the best movies on Paramount+ is as long as it is diverse.)

Paramount+ is available on every major streaming service. That means you can watch Paramount+ on Roku. You can watch Paramount+ on Amazon Fire TV. And you can watch Paramount+ on Apple TV, Android TV, Google TV, on smart TV platforms, on your phone and on the web.

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