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Professor T - release date revealed, cast and plot for the Ben Miller crime drama

Professor T with Ben Miller as the crime-cracking professor

Death in Paradise star Ben Miller swaps Saint Marie for Cambridge in new crime series Professor T

Professor T is a new crime drama starring Death in Paradise actor Ben Miller.

Ben stars as the eccentric, but brilliant Criminology Professor Jasper Tempest, who works at Cambridge University.

Talking about the show, Ben says: "I saw the original Belgian series and loved so much about it, and I love how Jasper is this very unusual criminal psychologist. The stories and puzzles are really intriguing, but what I love most of all is that every character has a proper backstory. Jasper's is revealed little by little."

Ben Miller as Professor T

Ben as the crime-fighter

Professor T release date

Professor T will launch exclusively on BritBox on June 3.  It will then air later in the summer on ITV. It's six parts, with each episode running to 50 minutes. Check out our full list of BritBox shows for all the series available.

What’s the plot?

The opening episode sees the Professor unwillingly caught up in a police investigation when Diana Tyson is attacked on the university campus. DI Lisa Donckers thinks the attack is very similar to one that occurred years beforehand. And she reckons the Professor is just the man to crack the case.

But, Professor T, who suffers with OCD, is prone to daydreams and fantasies, and the viewers will see these quirky sequences in the series.

Describing the show’s appeal, Ben says: “Professor T has it all: intriguing murders, dreaming spires, and a cast of unforgettable characters, each with their own fascinating secrets.

"You don’t have to be a professor of criminal psychology to know the ITV audience will love it.”

Ben is of course much-loved for playing DI Richard Poole in Death in Paradise. So how does Jasper compare to Richard?

"Richard Poole had a great deal of trouble reading people's emotions, whereas Jasper's subject of special interest is people's emotional state. And Richard always had everyone's best interests at heart, but I don't entirely trust Jasper! He's very unpredictable...".

Who's in the cast?

Ben Miller as Professor T

Ben Miller plays the quirky professor, who's a reluctant but brilliant sleuth

Joining Ben Miller is Emma Naomi as DI Lisa Donckers, an old student of the Professor’s. Other cast include Frances de la Tour and Barney White. Frances plays Jasper’s overbearing mother, while Barney is police sidekick Dan Winters.

Plus Andy Gathergood (The Salisbury Poisonings), Sarah Woodward (Quiz), Ben Onwukwe (Marcella), Douglas Reith (Downton Abbey) and Juliet Aubrey (Van der Valk).

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Is there a trailer?

Not yet, we will post it when it arrives.

What else do we know?

The series was filmed in Cambridge and Belgium. It has been made by newly formed production company, Eagle Eye Drama.

It is based on the Belgian series of the same name.

Professor T will be made available to BritBox subscribers on June 3 2021 before being screened on ITV (see our TV Guide for more shows to enjoy).