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Ramsay Street won’t be the same again after THIS character's shock exit TODAY

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It's the end of an era as Piper Willis makes a sudden decision to leave Ramsay Street today...

It's a sad day for Neighbours fans as Piper Willis departs Ramsay Street... but don't worry, there is a happy ending in sight.

Ever since her bossy big sister Imogen Willis came back to Ramsay Street recently, Piper had been feeling like she should be doing more with her life.

As Imogen pointed out, she was working in a job she had no interest in, all her friends have moved away from Ramsay Street, and she's been sleeping with her mum's ex boyfriend.

Not really the makings of a perfect life.

Neighbours, Piper Willis

Piper says a sad farewell to Ramsay Street today...

After Imogen's harsh reality check, Piper realised that she needed to leave Ramsay Street and do something that made her happy... and of course that means going to find her one true love.

Fans of the Aussie soap have known for years that Piper's heart truly lies with Tyler Brennan, but after he was wrongly accused of killing his own dad, Hamish Roche, last year, their relationship broke down.

Since then Piper has had a romance with Cassius Grady, who turned out to not only be Hamish's real killer, but also Tyler's half brother, and more recently she has enjoyed a fling with Leo Tanaka.

But today's trip to Erinsborough sees Piper make her emotional departure from Ramsay Street, leaving behind her heartbroken mum, Terese, along with siblings Ned and Imogen.

Neighbours, Piper Willis, Tyler Brennan

Will 'Typer' finally get their happy-ever-after?

However, in true Piper style she plays her cards close to her chest and doesn't tell anyone where she is heading to next.

But 'Typer' fans rejoice... she is set to go and track Tyler down in Adelaide and thankfully, he couldn't be happier to see her.

So does this mean the pair will finally reunite and they can look forward to the future together that they should have always had?

Let's hope so. Finally everything is right in the world for Typer fans.

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