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Shock in Ramsay Street as THIS familiar face returns in Neighbours next week

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Imogen Willis is back in Neighbours next week, but what has bought her back to Ramsay Street after all this time?

There's a familiar face heading back to Neighbours next week as Imogen Willis makes a comeback to the soap after three years away.

The character, played by actress Ariel Kaplan, is the daughter of current Ramsay Street resident Terese Willis and sister of Piper Willis, and returns to her family home to help run Toadie Rebecchi's law firm while he is still grieving the tragic loss of his beloved wife, Sonya.

Neighbours fans last saw Imogen when she left to start a new job in America, but she is back with a bang next week when she unearths a huge secret that could blow her family apart.

Neighbours, Imogen Willis, Ned Willis

Imogen returns to Erinsborough to run Toadie's law firm next week...

After Paul Robinson and Terese Willis recently reignited their romance, Leo Tanaka has been left heartbroken, feeling betrayed by his dad and his former flame.

But as he struggles to get over his feelings for Terese, Leo has started to find comfort with her daughter, Piper... and soon the pair are set to grow closer still as they continue to spend more time together.

Their friendship is set to take a dramatic turn next week when a movie marathon night turns into a passionate hook up and they end up spending the night together.

Neighbours, Leo Tanaka, Piper Willis

Will Imogen spill the beans on Piper and Leo?

However, despite the pair promising to just be friends with benefits and nothing more, nothing stays secret in Ramsay Street for long and Imogen quickly works out what has been going on between the pair.

But instead of promising to keep her sister's secret, Imogen delivers the ultimate ultimatum... either Piper tells Terese what is going on with her and Leo, or she will.

But how will Terese take the news that Leo has moved on already?

And more to the point, how will she feel that the person he has moved on with his her own daughter?

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5

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