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Rob Kazinsky reveals why EVERYONE must watch EastEnders tonight!

EastEnders Sean Slater 2019
(Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Rob says he's seen tonight and tomorrow's episodes many times!

Rob Kazinsky, who’s made a simply epic return to EastEnders as Sean Slater, has pleaded with the nation to watch tonight’s instalment!

The 35-year-old star, who’s returned to the soap in a blaze of glory, said fans must catch the “beautiful performance” of Gillian Wright as Sean’s mum, Jean Slater.

In what are expected to be some hugely moving episodes tonight and tomorrow, Sean and Jean are seen heading off on a trip together away from Walford.

And Rob declared on Twitter: “I have watched the next two episodes of @bbceastenders maybe half a dozen times. If you don’t watch anymore, or if you never have, tune in today and tomorrow to see Gillian Wright deliver one of the most beautiful performances I have ever seen.”

EastEnders Sean Slater Jean Slater

Rob Kazinsky has warmly praised the performance of his EastEnders co-star Gillian as Jean Slater

Tonight, Jean is delighted to be away with her son, but things take an ugly turn when Jean cuts herself nastily. Jean refuses to get treatment for the wound and ends up losing consciousness. Sean, realising he has to act fast, heads out to call an ambulance.

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It also strikes him that this could be his last chance to tell his mum a massive secret - but what is he about to confess?

Friday’s EastEnders promises to be equally dramatic with Sean pleading with Stacey to get to the remote farmhouse where Jean’s laying stricken as soon as she can.

The big question is will Jean survive? Rob has made such a massive impact that some fans were even debating whether the episodes this week have been among the best ever in the soap’s history.

So, listen to Rob Kazinsky and catch EastEnders tonight at 7.30pm!