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Scott Saunders and Brett Butler-Smythe reportedly in Apprentice house bust-up

The fighting between Scott Saunders and Brett Butler-Smythe isn’t only confined to The Apprentice boardroom, it would seem.

Viewers saw Scott falsely say that Brett had threatened to 'smash his face in' in last week’s heated episode, but it appears they’d been at each other’s throats even before the boardroom clash.

The Apprentice

Sam faced the boardroom with Brett and Scott (Boundless/BBC)


The Sun has now reported that the two had a bust-up in the house over what was on TV that ended with the other candidates having to pull the pair apart.

A source said: “The fight between Scott and Brett was really full on, and it seemed to come out of nowhere.”

The Sun claimed the argument began over a TV remote with the pair soon screaming at each other. Scott then taunted former marine engineer Brett and told him: “If you want the remote, come and get it.”

Scott Saunders

Scott accused Brett of threatening to 'smash his face in' (Boundless/BBC/Screenshot)


The source said: ”Scott started kicking off. It got heated very quickly and escalated to where both of them were swearing at each other.

“That’s when the other candidates stepped in and pulled the two of them apart. Things had got out of control and they didn’t want anyone getting hurt.”

Scott, however, downplayed the scuffle.

“This was a tiff between two mates, and it was all over in seconds. Myself and Brett are very good friends.”

The Apprentice

The team lost their task to set up a discount store in Manchester (Boundless/BBC)


The two faced each other in the boardroom last week after project manager Scott led the team to failure in their discount store task.

The two teams had to set up a shop full of bargains in one of Manchester’s busiest retail centres, but Team Connexus brought in £962.04 in sales and left-over stock against Versatile’s £1,511.07.

After a bitter boardroom encounter, it was Sam Curry who eventually left the competition.