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Shock collapse in tonight’s EastEnders leaves THIS Walford resident in grave danger

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There's drama in EastEnders tonight when Keegan Baker finds himself fighting for his life after taking drugs...

There's danger heading for EastEnders tonight when Keegan Baker's downward spiral lands him in serious danger.

Keegan has been struggling to cope ever since his best friend, Shakil Kazemi, was senselessly knifed to death in a gang attack last year.

EastEnders fans have watched as he has turned to drugs to help numb the pain, but tonight sees things take a sinister turn for the teenager.

EastEnders Keegan Baker and Mitch Baker

Keegan and Mitch argue in tonight's EastEnders, leading to devastating consequences...

After a big fight with his dad, Keegan decides to skip school in tonight's visit to Walford and tracks down Tiffany Butcher in the hope she might have some drugs.

But when she fobs him off, he sees red and even Bailey's attempts to cheer up her half brother fall flat.

With everything getting too much for Keegan, he decides to try again with Tiffany after spotting her across the Square.

But this time he doesn't wait for Tiffany to tell him to get lost, and instead forcibly takes a wrap of drugs from her.

However, this time Bailey has seen everything... and only moments later Keegan has dramatically collapsed.

EastEnders Tiffany Butcher

By the end of this week Tiffany decides she is leaving Walford...

Things don't get much better for Keegan in tomorrow's visit to Albert Square when he has some serious explaining to do to his mum, Karen.

She is on the warpath when she finds out from Bailey that Tiffany was the one who supplied her son with drugs, and before long Whitney finds out what mess Tiffany has got herself into.

But will Keegan's brush with death after taking drugs be enough to make him see that he needs help?

Or is this just the start of a downward spiral for the teenager?

Also on tonight's EastEnders, the Slaters are worried that Jean is still missing, and Rainie is intrigued when Stuart starts acting suspiciously.

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Picture credits: BBC / Kieron McCarron