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Shock confession in today's Neighbours set to shatter THIS favourite couple

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Amy Williams makes a shocking confession to Kyle Canning in today's Neighbours...

There's drama heading for Ramsay Street as today's Neighbours sees Amy Williams make the shocking confession to ex Kyle Canning that she still loves him.

Neighbours fans will know that Amy is at the centre of a complicated live triangle involving her ex Kyle and her current fiancé Gary... who also just happens to be Kyle's dad!

The tension between Kyle and Amy has been bubbling away ever since he returned to Erinsborough. But while Amy was happy with Gary at the time, Kyle's return has thrown her into a spin and now she is torn between the two men in her life.

Neighbours, Amy Williams, Kyle Canning, Gary Canning

Amy has been caught in the middle of the rivalry between Kyle and Gary. (Picture: Channel 5)

To make matters even more complicated Amy's dad Paul Robinson and Gary's mum Sheila Canning have been plotting to split the pair up, convinced they're not meant to be together.

And it seems their plan might be working when today's charity bachelor auction sees women bidding on handsome Kyle, leaving Amy seething with jealousy.

As Kyle, Aaron and Pierce all go head-to-head at the auction in the hope to raise lots of money for the Sonya Rebecchi foundation, everyone is convinced it is multi-millionaire Pierce who will be earning the highest bids.

Neighbours, Kyle Canning, Amy Williams

Kyle and Amy have a surprising heart-to-heart today (Picture: Channel 5)

However, it's surprisingly handyman Kyle who is the one getting all the Erinsbrough women in a flap... but it's not his good looks that has got everyone reaching for their bank cards, it is Paul Robinson's master plan!

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Little does Kyle know, the woman who wins him in a bid after paying huge sums of money for his time and attention turns out to be working for Paul, and the cash she is spending is Mr Robinson's.

But Paul's plan works a treat because as Kyle reveals his dream future is renovating his own home and having lots of kids, Amy can't take it any longer and races from the Waterhole for some air.

Neighbours, Kyle Canning

How will Kyle react when ex-girlfriend Amy reveals her true feelings in Neighbours? (Picture: Channel 5)

Kyle follows her, knowing something isn't right, and he gets the shock of his life when she confesses she shares the same hopes for the future and that she still loves him.

But will Kyle believe what Amy is saying? And where does this leave poor Gary?

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5