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Shock death in Coronation Street as legendary character asked to identify body

Coronation Street
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There's heartache heading for Coronation Street's Mary when the police ask her to identify a body at the mortuary...

Coronation Street could be about to confirm the death of Jude Appleton next week as Mary is asked by the police to go and identify a body. But is the deceased going to be who they think it is?

Soaps fans will know that Mary has been desperately trying to track her son down ever since he left Weatherfield under a cloud last month.

Coronation Street spoilers: Mary Taylor discovers Jude has been lying again

Jude spent his whole time in Weatherfield lying to his family and neighbours

The compulsive liar lashed out at mum Mary after she exposed his scheming ways, leading to him making a hasty exit from the cobbles - but not before trying to take his little son, George, with him.

But while Jude's estranged wife Angie was glad to see the back of him, it looks like Mary's bid to track her son down could all be in vain.

Angie angry with Jude

Jude's lies all became too much for wife Angie

But while Mary is already fearing the worst, Angie is convinced her husband's disappearing act is just another of his attention-stealing schemes and doesn't seem convinced Jude is in danger.

Mary tells the police about Jude leaving his phone behind when he left and is hopeful they might be able too track him down. But her hopes are shattered when Angie reveals the police have been to see her as well and she's told them exactly what sort of shady character Jude really is.

Jude is up for Good Samaritan Award

Jude lied that he was the one to save Roy's life

Mary becomes convinced that now the police know everything, they won't take the hunt for her son seriously. But it looks like she was wrong...

The official Corrie website has revealed today: "Angie and Mary are asked to attend the mortuary to ID a body... but is it who they think it is?"

It remains to be seen who the dead body belongs to and viewers will have to tune in on Monday 26th November to find out if the police have got the right man.

But if it isn't Jude, then where exactly is he?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

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