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Shock DEATH in Coronation Street leads to THIS long-buried secret being unearthed

There's devastation heading for Coronation Street next week when someone makes a deathbed confession...

Next week's Coronation Street will see poor Emma Brooker left devastated when her dad sadly passes away following a battle with stomach cancer. But before he goes, a deathbed confession is set to turn Emma's world upside down.

Coronation Street fans will see Emma dealt the heartbreaking news this week that her dad is in hospital and that his cancer is terminal.

But while the hairdresser is devastated to learn her father doesn't have long left, little does she know he will sadly pass away as quickly as next week.

Coronation Street, Maria Connor, Emma

Emma is set to be devastated by her dad's death (Picture: ITV)

The official website for Coronation Street has revealed today that next week's episodes will see an emotional Emma struggling to come to terms with her dad's death. Not just because she is heartbroken by his death, but also because he drops a bombshell before his demise...

"As Emma's dad drifts in and out of consciousness, he reveals the long-buried family secret that he's not her biological father."

But as Emma confides in Audrey about what her dad said, it seems the salon owner might know more about this secret than she is letting on.

Audrey is upset when Maria reveals that Claudia plans to open her new salon in Victoria Street.

Does Audrey know more about Emma's dad's bombshell than she is letting on? (Picture: ITV)

But the drama doesn't end there for Emma.

"Steve finds Emma in floods of tears because she can't afford a coffin for her dad. Taking pity, Steve gives Emma a lift to the chapel of rest and offers to help pay the undertaker himself! Will she accept his help?"

It has been widely reported that Emma is set to have a huge storyline coming up where she discovers Steve McDonald is her biological father.

Coronation Street spoilers: Steve McDonald shares some juicy gossip with Tracy

Is Steve McDonald Emma's biological father? (Picture: ITV)

It has also been hinted that former Coronation Street favourite Fiona Middleton, played by actress Angela Griffin, will be making a return to the cobbles as Emma's mum.

So could Steve be taking pity on Emma because he knows there is a chance she is his daughter? Or is he just playing Good Samaritan in her moment of need?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.