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Shock DEATH in EastEnders leads to turmoil for THIS beloved character

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There's shock in EastEnders next week when a sudden death hits Jay Brown hard...

EastEnders favourite Jay Brown will find his past coming back to haunt him next week when he is asked to organise the funeral of the man who murdered his dad more than a decade ago.

Long-term fans of EastEnders will remember that Jay's dad, Jase Dyer, found himself caught up in dangerous drama with a gang lead by the notorious Terry Bates back in 2008.

EastEnders Jay Mitchell and Callum Highway

Jay is left stunned when Terry Bates comes back to haunt him next week (Picture: BBC)

While working on a job with Billy Mitchell, Jase decided to double cross Terry by stealing a huge amount of cash from him.

But Terry sadly was one step ahead of the pair and Jase ended up paying the ultimate price for his mistake when he was brutally murdered by Terry.

Fast-forward to next week and Terry is coming back to haunt Jay once again when he takes a new booking at the funeral parlour.

Jay and Callum are amazed at the scale of the funeral they have been asked to organise, but Jay's world comes crashing down around him when he sees the name of the deceased is Terry Bates.

Billy and Jay have a heart to heart in EastEnders

Can Billy stop Jay from doing something he will regret? (Picture: BBC)

Seeing the name of the man who killed his dad sends Jay into meltdown and Callum is shocked by the hatred that comes from his friend.

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As Lola comforts Jay, Callum realises he needs some back up and calls Ben... but will he be able to help?

Billy discovers what has happened and calls in on Jay for a heart-to-heart, but it seems that Billy's words might fall on deaf ears if the EastEnders autumn trailer is anything to go by.

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The trailer reveals that a sudden death linked to his dad sends him into a downward spiral leading to him hitting the bottle and vowing revenge... so could it be Terry who Jay is going plot against?

And will any one be able to stop him?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.